“Oh god chiefs colors”: NFL fans reacts to Super Bowl LIX official logo in New Orleans for 2025 season

The Kansas City Chiefs were projected to go undefeated in the 2023 season, but they stumbled throughout the regular season. However, the team is no exception to excellence, and they proved it again. The Chiefs once again astonished the football world by overcoming a 10-point deficit to snatch away the Super Bowl LVIII from the San Francisco 49ers.

The Super Bowl 2024 concluded less than a day ago. But excitement surrounding the upcoming Super Bowl is swirling in the air as the NFL unveiled the official logo for the Super Bowl LIX.

Super Bowl LIX official logo revealed for 2025 season

The NFL’s announcement of the Super Bowl LIX logo for the 2025 season has brought a fresh perspective to the iconic event. Breaking tradition, the league collaborated with a local artist from New Orleans to design the logo. Tahj Williams is the person behind the new logo, who is a prominent figure as the queen of her Black Masking Indian tribe.

Williams meticulously crafted the logo bead by bead by incorporating elements from past Super Bowl logos while infusing the spirit of New Orleans into the design. The predominant colors of red and green in the logo pay homage to the city’s renowned wrought-iron balconies that adorn the French Quarter. It showcases the vibrant and rich cultural heritage of New Orleans.

Super Bowl LIX will mark a significant milestone as it returns to New Orleans after a hiatus of 12 years. This edition will also elevate New Orleans to tie with Miami for hosting the most Super Bowls in the game’s history.

The Caesars Superdome will extend its own record for hosting the most Super Bowls by a stadium, with this being its eighth time as the venue for the prestigious event. The highly anticipated game is scheduled for February 9, 2025.

What’s NFL fans say about the Super Bowl LIX official logo?

The NFL fandom has always been quick to scrutinize and dissect every detail, and the Super Bowl LIX official logo has been no exception. Some fans were happy about the NFL’s creative effort for the logo this time.

One wrote, “I’m glad they’re bringing some new styles and colors but this ain’t that good.”

However, the spotlight quickly turned to the color schemes in recent logos and their supposed connections to the participating teams. Fans believe that the color schemes of Super Bowl logos seemed to hint at the teams involved. However, this pattern was disrupted with Super Bowl LVIII, which featured shades of red and purple. Nevertheless, fans didn’t stop speculating about the final two teams for the upcoming Super Bowl event.

The predominant red backdrop of the Super Bowl LIX logo reignited speculation about a potential rematch between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

A user wrote, “Red and yellow, Chiefs vs 49ers rematch confirmed.”

A fan wrote, “Oh god chiefs colors, fucking great.”

However, some suggest that the NFL may have opted for a fresh design approach to sidestep previous controversies surrounding logo interpretations.

A user wrote, “The NFL got caught with their logos so they switched up 1 team this year because that team had Taylor Swift on it. They won’t use the logos anymore.. since everyone caught on to them. So this probably just a cool design idea.”

The Chiefs have already set a record by winning back-to-back Lombardi trophies. If they secure a spot in Super Bowl LIX, they could potentially make history by clinching a third consecutive title.


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