One picture summarizes 21-year NBA career’s effect on LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is one of the greatest players in basketball and he continues to dominate the league with his insane levels of athleticism, physicality and stamina which are much better than some athletes who are entering their prime.

Given his extended longevity, LeBron has had his fair share of injury troubles and scares, which have without a doubt taken a toll on his body, causing incredible wear and tear. We take a closer look at a picture of LeBron James’ feet, which have deteriorated over the years.

Picture of LeBron James’ feet going viral

Recently, a picture has been spreading like wildfire all over the Internet that showcases basketball superstar LeBron James’ feet after years of hard work and dedication on the basketball floor. LeBron, who has been playing for almost two decades, has seen and ventured almost every path there is to take for a player, from losses to victories, from happiness to suffering, and of course, injuries.

LeBron James
James has been dominating the league ever since he got drafted in 2003 via Association Press

The picture, which was taken in 2013, gives viewers a clear image of The King’s feet, which have a unique structure after years of physical trials. The picture taken in 2013 when Bron was on holiday shows the superstar’s toes all jumbled and sitting across each other, in a position they are not supposed to be sitting in. The circulated image is nothing but a true testament to the player’s sheer will and determination to succeed in the sport, and it has led to him becoming one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the Earth.

At the fine age of 39, Bron has set multiple records that are nearly impossible to break. With each passing game, the King just keeps getting closer and closer to the 40,000 regular season points mark, a milestone no one has ever come close to in the league’s history, making him the first. The perfect setting for the King.

Throughout his career, Bron has consistently faced a particular injury that has worsened over time, hindering his progress with the Lakers during what many considered his most successful periods in the league.

LeBron James’ injury troubles in his career

Right after the Lakers dominantly crushed their opponents in the NBA Bubble leading to LeBron James’ fourth championship, the superstar was brought down from his throne with an agonizing right ankle injury in the 2020-21 NBA season. The injury which strongly affected the player’s movements and his ability to move with speed and agility, saw Bron sit on the sidelines for a massive 26 games, an absence that quite unheard of for a player of his stature.

Lebron James
James has battled with his right ankle injury from time immemorial via Associated Press

Somehow the Lakers managed to scrape their way into the postseason and all hopes rested on the King’s return, with fans believing that the team could repeat their success. It all came crashing down when James was forced out with the same injury, once again which subsequently put an end to the Lakers shabby run.

Once again, in the 2021-22 NBA season, the right ankle continued to haunt James and it not only took a toll on the player’s physical strength but also on his emotional strength and his will to continue. Before the injury struck him, James was in the form of his life averaging a massive 30.3 points per game an average he accumulated in the 56 games played that season, one of the fewest games he has played in an NBA season.

LeBron James
James continues to set records in the league cementing his legacy via Association Press

Regardless of his injuries, LeBron has managed to return to the top of it all and still reigns supreme with his unstoppable offensive bursts and lockdown defense which puts a stop to efforts by various athletic youngster around the league.

What are your thoughts on seeing the picture of LeBron James’ foot? Is LeBron the greatest athlete of all time? Can the Lakers win the championship this season? We are eager to hear your thoughts on LeBron James’ freakishness, so feel free to comment below.

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