Oscar Piastri sheds light on his relationship with McLaren teammate Lando Norris: “We’ve been pushing each other”

McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri has been making headlines even before entering the pinnacle of motorsports. The Aussie was McLaren’s answer to Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement, and he’s been excelling in that role.

Piastri became the apple of their eye as soon as McLaren improved their car post-summer break. Oscar Piastri joined teammate Lando Norris in securing multiple podiums for the Papaya team, even beating him to a Sprint win. His consistency earned him a contract extension with McLaren, and with their future looking bright in 2024, Oscar is all set to make a lasting impression in Formula 1.

Oscar Piastri talks on bond with Lando Norris

Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris are one of the youngest duo on the Formula 1 grid, and naturally they share a fun and quirky relationship. Even though Lando Norris calls Oscar Piastri a ‘snake’, Piastri insists that they are great friends. Oscar was emotional about his first season in Formula 1 and he agrees that Lando Norris has been a huge part of of the good times he enjoyed in McLaren,

Oscar Piastri
Japanese GP double podium via Motorsport week

After McLaren overcame its blues, it was in the hands of the young duo to help the team rise from its ashes. Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris were in competition amongst themselves, trying to secure the maximum points for the team. There were many races in which the rookie got the better of Lando, but nevertheless, they had a lot of mutual respect. This fact was highlighted by Piastri in his interview, “Lando and I have worked really well together through the lows of the start of the season and the highs from the middle and end. I think we’ve been pushing each other.”

Oscar Piastri
Piastri wins Qatar GP Sprint via Getty

Team McLaren’s performance in F1 this season

McLaren had started the year on a very low note, as both drivers, Lando and Oscar, failed to qualify for Q3 numerous times at the start of the season. Experts were concerned about Oscar Piastri’s debut season, believing that the Australian might not have been experiencing the success he anticipated. However, McLaren didn’t lose hope and introduced consistent improvements to the team, giving their drivers more confidence day by day.

Oscar Piastri
A rollercoaster of a season via Top Gear

The summer break was a key breakthrough for the Papaya team, as they significantly improved their car. The performance upgrades were evident in the displays by McLaren drivers, to the extent that Max Verstappen began considering them as rivals to Red Bull. After a brief stint of podiums, McLaren slipped back to the midfield as Ferrari and Mercedes took center stage. McLaren scored a total of 302 points this season, a feat that seemed near impossible considering their condition at the start of the season.

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