“Overrated as hell”: NFL fans roast Sean Payton after his sideline outburst on Russell Wilson during Broncos loss to Lions

Since Sean Payton assumed the reins of the Denver Broncos, expectations have soared for his redemption goal. Nevertheless, a rocky start emerged as Payton’s team started the season with a 1-5 record and a terrible loss to the New York Jets that brought the head coach a pile of backlashes from Aaron Rodgers.

Their recent success rate, winning six of seven games, was marred in Week 15 by a nightmarish loss to the Detroit Lions. Notably, the head coach lost control, unleashing frustration on the lauded starter, Russell Wilson, in a moment that garnered the attention and scrutiny of the fans.

Sean Payton erupts at Russell Wilson

During the nail-biting game against the Lions, the frustration boiled within head coach Sean Payton and became palpable, reaching its zenith late in the third quarter. Stunningly, it was quarterback Russell Wilson who bore the brunt of Payton’s ire.

The tense moment was spotted after an offensive offside penalty on Quinn Meinerz nullified a potential Broncos touchdown on fourth-and-goal from the Lions’ 1-yard line. Payton’s visible frustration and animated exchange with Wilson on the sideline became a focal point as the Broncos settled for a field goal, trailing 28-10, according to the report in Sporting News.

Addressing the fiery exchange after the game, Payton remained tight-lipped, mentioning his outburst and his displeasure with the offside call. When pressed further about why the frustration led to yelling at Wilson, Payton remained cryptic, asserting, “What I talk with Russell about is none of your business.”

The televised spectacle of Payton’s animated confrontation with Wilson drew attention, and the coach was adamant that it was solely related to the officiating decision that impacted the Broncos’ scoring opportunity.

Wilson, choosing to keep the details in-house, offered a brief insight into the heated moment, accenting the shared frustration of wanting to score in that crucial situation.

“You want a coach who’s passionate, and players who are too. We didn’t get the touchdown there. That’s the only frustrating part about [that moment].”

The dramatic incident showcased the scene of the Broncos’ rollercoaster season, where they started 1-5, rebounded to enter playoff contention, but now face a challenging road to postseason success.

NFL fans are furious at Sean Payton

The incident of Payton yelling at Wilson caught NFL fans off guard, leaving them unable to connect the scenario with any fault on Wilson’s part. Some raised concerns about the head coach’s professionalism in dealing with players, suggesting that Payton’s actions were a result of his own frustration rather than a measured response to on-field challenges.

Adding fuel to the fire of fan dissatisfaction with Sean Payton’s needless eruption was Wilson’s superb performance, which included completing five of seven throws for 71 yards, amid the on-field turmoil. Wilson vented his frustrations over the possible defeat, but the fans were quick to criticize Payton for not being professional while dealing with teammates who were angry.

Despite enduring Payton’s outburst, Russell’s resilience both on the field and during the post-match interview endeared him to fans. They openly criticized Payton for singling out Wilson, suggesting that the Broncos coach may have manufactured the drama due to Wilson’s perceived gentle nature, labeling Payton as “overrated.”.

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