Packers on lookout for new CEO as Mark Murphy’s retirement edges closer

As the NFL’s third-oldest franchise, the Green Bay Packers boast a storied history in football, highlighted by a lone Super Bowl triumph. Amid high hopes under Jordan Love’s leadership this season, their ambitions for Super Bowl LVIII were dashed in the wild-card playoff round.

As the sole NFL team functioning as a publicly owned non-profit since August 18, 1923, the Packers possess a unique hiring process. Fans will observe this distinct approach as the team seeks a new CEO following the present CEO, Mark Murphy’s, retirement.

When will Mark Murphy retire?

The Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy is set to retire in July 2025. The decision comes as Murphy approaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 and the requirement set forth by the team’s organizational by-laws.

Though he is yet to retire, the Packers’ executive committee vice president and lead director, Susan Finco, expressed admiration for their CEO’s remarkable contributions during his tenure.

“Mark’s contributions to the organization have been tremendous. From updating the corporate leadership structure to growing and diversifying revenue to increasing the meaningful impact of the Packers in the community, Mark continues to position the Packers for success. We look forward to his insightful leadership in the next year and a half,” Finco said in the team’s statement. 

Under Murphy’s leadership over the past 16 seasons, the Green Bay team has experienced extraordinary success, making the playoffs in 12 of those years. One of the highlights of Murphy’s tenure was the team’s Super Bowl victory during his third season at the helm. 

Throughout his tenure, the team’s impressive tally of 175 victories during this period ranks as the second highest in the NFL, surpassed only by the New England Patriots. Additionally, the Packers have reached the NFC Championship Game five times under his leadership.

Packers announces search for new CEO

Following the announcement of Mark Murphy’s impending retirement, the Green Bay Packers have wasted no time in initiating the search for his successor. With the goal of finding a leader who will shape the Packers’ future, a dedicated search committee has been assembled, with Dan Ariens serving as its vice chair.

Ariens, who also holds the role of executive committee secretary and chair of the personnel and compensation committee, emphasized the committee’s commitment to fulfill this crucial task properly.

“Our search committee takes this responsibility very seriously as our new leader will shape the Packers’ future. We have been preparing the past several months for this important process, which will be comprehensive and align with NFL rules and requirements and are pleased to be able to work with Jed Hughes and his team at Korn Ferry.”

To aid in the search process, the committee has enlisted the expertise of the renowned national search firm Korn Ferry. Ferry previously played a pivotal role in identifying Murphy for the position when the Packers were seeking a replacement for Bob Harlan in 2007. Jed Hughes and his team at Ferry will collaborate closely with the search committee to identify and evaluate potential candidates.

The search is expected to span a period of six to nine months, during which the committee will meticulously assess each candidate’s qualifications and suitability for the role. Once the committee has completed its deliberations, it will present its chosen candidate to the board of directors for a final vote.

Following the selection process, the incoming president and CEO will work closely with Murphy during a transition period to ensure a seamless handover of responsibilities. 

As the search for the Packers’ next leader commences, fans can rest assured that the organization is committed to selecting a candidate who will uphold the team’s legacy of excellence.

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