Patriots fans’ heroic efforts to save a life during the Dolphins game but another incident ends in tragedy

The light of the torch of Bill Belichick is seemingly dimming day by day after seven-time Super Bowl victor quarterback Tom Brady granted a two-decade divorce from the New England Patriots. Though Bill Belichick signaled for a winning streak, the Patriots have suffered back-to-back defeats.

Although this season the Patriots mostly came into the limelight for their losing streak, their second game of the season against the Miami Dolphins snatched the headlines for a back-to-back tragedy regarding the Patriots fans.

Patriots fans’ heroic efforts to save a life during Dolphins game

Similar to Damar Hamlin’s on-field cardiac collapse, a serious occurrence occurred at Gillette Stadium during the Patriots vs. Dolphins game. But this time, the story concerns a Patriots supporter who is thought to have suffered a cardiac arrest while watching the game.

Mark McCullough from the Needham Fire Department and Anthony Colella from the Johnston (R.I.) Fire Department both responded quickly to the scene to assist the fan. According to reports, Anthony Colella initially felt the man’s pulse to make sure he was still alive. The firefighter started performing CPR on the victim as soon as he saw his pulse, and he continued for almost a minute.

Mark McCullough uttered their heroic deeds as the responsibility of them to come forward to help the community when they are in danger, in an interview with

“It’s one of those things where it’s not just me, it’s everybody else. That’s what we do for a living. Even if we’re not working, we’re still out there doing what we have to do.”

An X user named Bridget Condon shared the incident in a nutshell, mentioning Colella as his father’s friend.

‘My parents are at the Patriots game with their friends and someone in their section just had a heart attack and my dad’s friend (also a firefighter) started giving him CPR and saved his life,’ Condon wrote on X.

Later, an ambulance transported the unidentified fan to a hospital in Boston where he will be kept under surveillance.

A verbal confrontation between Dolphins-Patriots fans ends in tragedy

On the same day, a second terrible incident occurred in the stadium’s 300s section during the game’s fourth quarter. Dale Mooney, 53, experienced a “medical event,” and while his condition was getting worse, he was hurried to the neighboring Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.

Sadly, the fan, who had been a season-ticket holder for the Patriots for 30 years, filled the headline with tragic news when he passed away just before midnight. According to reports, a verbal altercation that occurred during the bout led to Mooney getting hurt after taking a “vicious” hit. Immediately after losing consciousness, the medical staff arrived and started applying compressions.

Lisa Mooney, Mooney’s wife, told Boston 25 that her husband was the one who had been attacked.

“According to stadium footage, Dale never threw a punch.”

Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the altercation. Stay tuned for the latest update on the incident.

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