Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski wows SoFi Stadium with impromptu impromptu anthem performance

Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots former tight end, had enjoyed unparalleled success with his quarterback Tom Brady during their stint. As TB12 said no duo showcased the level of combination they had on the field. Under the guidance of head coach Bill Belichick, the WR and QB duo brought a couple of Super Bowls to the franchise.

However, scenarios changed lately as the Patriots got embroiled in a losing streak and Belichick is most likely to be kicked out of the franchise as well. Meanwhile, Gronk has once again raised eyebrows of the sports enthusiasts by participating in the college football bowl at SoFi Stadium.

Gronk’s musical surprise wows crowd at LA Bowl

The L.A. Bowl is set to make waves with a new host, Rob Gronkowski. His early promise to be fully engaged in every aspect of the event has been nothing short of thrilling for fans. However, the surprise addition of Gronk’s performance alongside the New Directions Veterans Choir, revealed during his appearance on the Let’s Go! podcast of Brady, has elevated the excitement to new heights.

The journey to the four-time Super Bowl champion’s musical role wasn’t without its comic moments as with Julian Edelman, another former teammate, by his side, the TE faced an “anthem audition” for the L.A. Bowl committee. Edelman made a playful banter by requesting “ten more shots” to endure Gronk’s singing.

The ex-NFL star’s self-deprecating humor shone through as he compared himself to a quarterback with an exceptional offensive line by attributing any potential success to the support of his choir companions.

“It’s kind of like I’m the quarterback and I have the best offensive line in front of me. So, they can make me look good because I sang the national anthem before the committee, and they all looked at each other, and Julian Edelman was there as well”, he said via Mirror.

The entertainment doesn’t stop at music as in what has been coined ‘The Gronk Bowl.’ He is set to participate in a race against a dog before the UCLA Bruins clash with the Boise State Broncos.

Rob Gronkowski reveals his funniest plays

Rob Gronkowski has recently shared insights into some of the funniest moments of his career during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ podcast “Pardon My Take.” The conversation delved into two particular incidents that left him and those recounting them in stitches.

The first rib-tickling story unfurled during a faceoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers, where the TE, having secured a first down pass, found himself sprawled on the ground. He later decided to extend his hand backward by fashioning it into an impromptu first-down marker. The sight of this unconventional move brought a chuckle even to Gronk himself upon watching the play in the film room.

“I got two for you. One of them was versus the Steelers. I caught a first down pass up the seam and I was laying on the ground and I just decided to put my hand backward as a first down marker laying on the ground. It made me laugh when I saw it in the film room”, he said per Fox News.

However, it was the second incident that probably drew the heartiest laughs. During a playoff match against the Baltimore Ravens, the ex-NFL star found himself at the center of an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. The Ravens defender Rashaan Melvin executed a tackle that inadvertently resulted in Gronkowski’s pants descending, and revealed more than intended. Melvin even found himself face-to-face, or rather face-to-Gronk’s-bare-butt.

“And then another play was versus the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. I caught another seam pass and the safety came and grabbed me and the way he grabbed me it pulled down my pants and my a– cheeks were hanging out and his face was like right against my a– cheeks and my actual a– was showing in the game.… His face was right against it, man. It’s great, man.”

Keeping aside the absurdity of the situation, the Patriots emerged victorious in the intense playoff clash by securing a thrilling 35-31 win. Rob Gronkowski showcased an exceptional performance by racking up seven receptions for 108 yards and securing a crucial touchdown. Moreover, that win paved the way for the team to clinch the Super Bowl championship that very year.


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