Patriots owner Robert Kraft shells out $7 million to promote campaign against antisemitism during Super Bowl LVIII

The excitement of the NFL reaches its culmination during the Super Bowl event. The Super Bowl LVIII is a few hours away and will kick off in Las Vegas between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

The ongoing discussions regarding the Israel-Palestine issue and antisemitism remain hot, regardless of the Super Bowl fervor. Owner Robert Kraft’s New England Patriots team couldn’t make it to the finale due to their lackluster performance, but Kraft will enjoy an appearance at the event to promote awareness against antisemitism.

Robert Kraft uses Super Bowl LVII event to promote campaign against antisemitism

Robert Kraft will air a commercial during Super Bowl LVIII to shine a spotlight on the fight against antisemitism. His commitment to combating hate extends beyond philanthropy, as he founded the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism (FCAS) in 2019. The foundation works to address the alarming surge in anti-Jewish sentiments in America.

The commercial, a 30-second spot slated for the first half of the game, features Civil Rights icon Dr. Clarence Jones. Jones is known for his crucial role in drafting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic “I have a dream” speech. Kraft and Dr. Jones seek to convey a powerful message of unity and equality by echoing King’s vision.

The Pats’ owner praised Dr. Jones in a statement for embodying FCAS’ mission to build bridges and combat hate in all its forms.

“The work Dr. Jones has done over the course of his entire life and career is the embodiment of FCAS’ mission to build bridges and stand up to Jewish hate and all forms of hate. In the time we have spent together and through his work, I have become a huge fan of Dr. Jones, and I am proud to spotlight all that he has done for our nation.”

“With this ad, we hope to continue to spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of unity and equality at a time in which the country needs it most and our goal is to reach a wide audience of people and inspire all Americans to stand up together, arm in arm, and fight this horrific rising hate,” Kraft said.

The decision to air the commercial during the Super Bowl reflects the gravity of the issue. FCAS President Tara Levine noted that the rise in antisemitism throughout 2023 prompted the organization to choose this platform. Online discussions on antisemitism and Jewish culture saw a staggering 330% increase in mentions compared to the previous year.

The commercial was shot by a Los Angeles-based ad agency and comes with a hefty price tag of $7 million. FCAS plans to gauge its impact through tracking mechanisms at their command center. The foundation hopes to reach a broad audience and inspire Americans to unite against the escalating wave of hate.

Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick’s relationship on the edge

The relationship between Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick has long been a jot point in the narrative surrounding the Patriots. Kraft’s public admiration for Belichick’s coaching prowess and the unprecedented success the duo achieved together on the field has been well documented. However, recent events have hinted at a potential strain in their once seemingly unbreakable bond.

The Patriots’ owner’s earlier remarks praising Belichick’s lengthy tenure as head coach hinted at a deep-seated commitment to loyalty within the organization. But, when confronted with rumors of the coach’s potential departure during ESPN’s College GameDay, he appeared reluctant to delve into the matter.

The mutual parting of ways between Belichick and the Patriots only fueled speculations further. Signing Jerod Mayo as the HC alongside the hirings of Eliot Wolf, and Matt Groh have been interpreted as indications of Kraft’s sentiments towards Belichick.

Some analysts think these moves reflect Kraft’s belief that Belichick bears responsibility for the team’s struggles in the post-Tom Brady era. The Boston Sports Journal’s Mike Giardi recently weighed in on the matter. He suggested that Kraft’s decision to elevate individuals like Wolf may signal a shift in accountability within the organization.

Kraft’s disappointment regarding Belichick was said to have started following the departure of Brady. The signal-caller left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won a Super Bowl with them in his first season. The departure of TB12 was then linked to his strained relationship with Belichick. However, it might be premature to draw definitive conclusions based solely on personnel decisions, as neither of them was vocal about the discussion.


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