Paul George stands up for Draymond Green amid suspension, rejects ‘crazy’ label

Despite his on-court prowess, Golden State power forward Draymond Green is famous for several unsportsmanlike acts on the court. Recently, Green received yet another significant suspension, missing out on 5 games for the Warriors, through a ban.

In the wake of Green’s suspension attracting widespread discussions, an active NBA player has weighed in with support and disapproved of the “crazy” label on Green. Meanwhile, a former NBA player seems to be advising Green on better patterns of on-court physicality.

Paul George disapproves of ‘crazy’ portrayal of Green

This month the NBA announced that Green was suspended indefinitely. Since then, Green’s suspension has ignited a flurry of reactions from players like Clippers’ star Paul George. Paul, during a recent podcast, disclosed his disapproval of the narrative that paints Green as “crazy” after his recent disciplinary issues. George openly blasted the characterization of Green, emphasizing a more considerable view of the situation and refraining from rushing into judgment.

NBA star Paul George stands up for Warriors star Draymond Green amid NBA indefinite suspension
Draymond Green Via Getty

Paul George said, “Honestly I’m like speechless, like I don’t even what to say about it, it’s crazy. I don’t like that they’re painting him like he’s crazy now, though. I don’t like that part. He’s not crazy.” Paul George continued “Let’s stop the narrative that he’s crazy or something’s wrong with him…like come on we gotta chill with that… He gonna be alright. We all are waiting to see what the fate is. But he gonna be alright.”

Meanwhile, Green’s suspension came during a matchup against the Suns, where Green hit center Jusuf Nurkic, which placed Green in the spotlight for the wrong reasons yet again. The NBA later decided to suspend Green indefinitely, and he is expected to be away for at least 3 weeks while going through required counseling. The suspension aims to teach Green a lesson and also ensures a behavioral change in him.

Nevertheless, Paul George, in his discourse, had disclosed his belief that Green, will bounce back from the situation. Green’s suspension triggered broader discussions, in which some argued for Green’s permanent ban, and some saw the indefinite suspension as quite appropriate. The Warriors, are highly expected to miss Green’s playmaking, defensive prowess, and leadership skills.

Paul Pierce offers Draymond Green intriguing advice on physical play

Following Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension, by the league after his unsportsmanlike act towards Suns’ center Jusuf Nurkic, former NBA player and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce, has offered advice to Green, on how to be legally physical on the court.

NBA star Paul George stands up for Warriors star Draymond Green amid NBA indefinite suspension
Draymond Green Via Getty

Per the episode of “Ticket and The Truth,” Paul Pierce, while with fellow Celtics legend Kevin Garnett, stated that if Green wants to be physical in a matchup, he has to do it within the structure and not make it appear intentional to avoid receiving an ejection or a suspension. Kevin Garnett also disclosed receiving elbows in matchups during his time in the league.

Meanwhile, Paul Pierce is not placed among the top ten players with the most matchup ejection. However, Draymond Green, currently ranks second on the infamous list, just behind top spot Rasheed Wallace, the former Pistons big man. By numbers, Draymond Green has 20 ejections compared to Rasheed Wallace’s 29 ejections.

Nonetheless, Draymond Green’s outputs in the season have been commendable with 9.7 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 25.1 minutes in just 15 games played for the Warriors. While it may sound strange as Paul George weighs in support for Green, it’s safe to predict that Green, could be having a less controversial life off-court.

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