Paul Heyman gloats at his own greatness by bringing Roman Reigns, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar on the same pedestal: “Yes, I am the GOAT”

Paul Heyman has managed a super trio of stars in his career, and he is not shy about his pride in being the best at his job. Wrestlers like Roman Reigns, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar have sought Heyman’s expertise in their times of need.

The Wiseman has rarely failed them when it comes to the push. A little while back, Heyman responded to a tweet in which he was praised for his record of being the special counsel to all three top stars. Paul agreed and stated that ‘Yes,’ he is the GOAT.

Paul Heyman states his greatness with massive star power

Paul Heyman, known for his managing and promo skills, has rarely ever failed in these tasks. He is best regarded as one of the greatest managers in WWE history, which is undeniable, given that he has managed Roman Reigns, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman currently serves as the Wise Man for the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The ‘Head of the Table’ is set for the upcoming fatal 4-way match at Royal Rumble. Recently, Heyman was mentioned in a Tweet by Pro Wrestling Finesse, who mentioned that Heyman has had the greatest star power under his belt as their counsel. Following this Heyman responded from his own Twitter/X account.

He said “I thank you for your recognition. Yes, I am the #GOAT. That, for the record, is undisputed and by now, uncontroverted. For the record …I was BFF with @cmpunk (longest reigning champion of the modern era). #Advocate to @BrockLesnar (broke that record). #SpecialCounsel and #Wiseman to @WWERomanReigns (smashed all records)!”

After that, the 58-year-old Wiseman replied to ‘That’s Freakin’ Wrestling Podcast’ on Twitter, who claimed that he is always improving as a manager. Paul said, “You damn right I get better with each and every single performance. If I’m not better tomorrow than I am today … and better 2 days from now than I am tomorrow.”

Paul Heyman wanted to work with Ronda Rousey

Paul Heyman became the special counsel of “The Tribal Chief” on the August 28, 2020 episode of SmackDown. Since then he has been the Wiseman of the ‘Leader of the Bloodline’ and his faction. The former owner of ECW once expressed his interest in working with Ronda Rousey on an episode of “Tetragrammaton” with Rick Rubin.

Heyman said how Vince McMahon called him and gave him a list, “So Vince [McMahon] removed me as Executive Director in June of 2020. I thought I had a bunch of months left on my contract, and I was gonna ride it out, and we’ll see where we go from there. There were limited options in my agreement as to whom WWE could put me with. When I had the leverage, I wrote that in. Because we had reached a point that anybody else you put me with could either make them instantly a star, or you’re watering me down and ultimately hurting the other person because they don’t belong with me.”

OIUPFIun Paul Heyman Ronda Rousey
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“One of the few names on this list was Roman Reigns, Another was Brock Lesnar obviously. Another was Ronda Rousey. Ronda Rousey was having a baby. Brock Lesnar wasn’t coming back with Saudi [Arabia] being down. Kind of left Roman Reigns in there. So Vince calls me in the middle of August, and he says, ‘We’re gonna take you back into television.’ I said ‘Okay, what do you got in mind?’. And he goes, ‘I’m envisioning Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman.”

Paul Heyman is a great manager for Roman Reigns, and although fans would have loved the Rousey & Heyman mix, it was inevitable as Ronda parted ways with WWE in October 2023. The Bloodline storyline is progressing well, and fans want to see how the Royal Rumble event will conclude the story arc.

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