PBA suspends Ed Matthews for 6 months with £2,500 fine over alleged use of PEDs

ED Matthews is a YouTuber and TikToker, and in the past 2 years, he has become a boxer. The real influencer boxing in his career is highlighted by calling out fellow influencers and making controversial remarks, aiming to provoke them into accepting a boxing bout.

Since it is all about promoting boxing, this time the boxing authorities seem to have identified potential issues with Ed Matthews’s technique. The inclusion of PBA, Misfit, and Ed in the same headline could potentially bring a significant shift in Matthews’ career.

PBA suspends Ed Matthews for 6 months with a £2,500 fine

A professional boxing association functions like a court, where many boxers seek recourse after a controversial decision in their bouts, hoping for a fair outcome. For instance, KSI once appealed to the PBA to overturn the loss he faced against Tommy Fury in a boxing match last year.

However, the PBA’s role extends beyond individual fighters, aiming to ensure a healthy and safe environment within the ring. Once again, higher authorities have intervened in the matter of boxers’ safety and issued an ultimatum to Ed Matthews.

PBA has found ED Matthews guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs and made him pay £2,500, serving a 6-month suspension with it.

Matthews came the radar when the PBA announced the suspension of Misfit’s license, alleging the use of banned substances by some fighters, a violation of rules and regulations. Misfit’s actions tarnished the reputation of boxing, but they later claimed that PBA had reinstated their license.

Now, Misfit’s claims are surfacing as they have finally revealed the name of the actual culprit, ED Matthews, who is allegedly engaging in illegitimate actions within the boxing circuit.

Boxing community outraged with PBA’s Ed Matthews suspension

ED Matthews is a global star, and the fan reaction to the PBA decision is unsurprising, given that they avidly follow him across social media for his content. However, some experts have also stepped forward with their reactions upon learning about the news of their favorite social media star facing suspension.

British boxing promoter Mams Taylor asserted that ED was never tested directly, and a judgment was rendered without undergoing testing. She further mentioned that although there was a hearing, ED was never subjected to a test, and the conclusion was that he did not fail any test.

Famous Internet Personality HStikkytokky tweeted that this judgment is bullocks, as they tested him the same day and gave the result. He also commented PBA not being able to earn enough, so they are going to make such moves.

Even Ed Matthews reacted to his punishment and asked the PBA to test him, claiming he was natural while showing his abdomen to be skinny.

What is your take on the possibility that PBA and Misfit are using ED Matthews to resolve their conflict?

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