Philadelphia community members divided over proposed 76ers new arena

There have been ongoing talks for the Philadelphia 76ers to adopt a new home, which will play a vital role in the lives of the people living around their current and potential arena.

The newly proposed 76ers Arena, which is named ’76 Place’, will be built in one of the busiest streets in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’, thereby playing a significant role in shaping the everyday lives of the people.

Community support members gathering in Kensington

The news of a new arena for the Philadelphia 76ers is the talk of the town and communities are split on whether a new arena would do them more harm than good, considering the effect it could have on their daily lives.

Joel Embiid
Embiid could play in a new 76ers arena in a few seasons, via Getty Images

Community members gathered in support of the newly proposed arena, meeting at a venue in Kensington, expressing their support and admiration for the project. Multiple leaders of community projects spoke to the media, emphasizing their happiness at being part of such a grand project in their very own community.

Taj Murdock, the executive director of Men of Courage, one of the community groups that turned up to the event, said, “So when you are talking about young men that are fighting against the day-to-day battle of not feeling worthy because of the fact they don’t have resources, something like this would be applicable to them.” Another community leader, John Solomon, of Endangered Kind, said, “It would be a great opportunity for them to be able to be plugged into employment and also a career opportunity.”

The notion among the crowd that attended the event is that they were in favor of the rise of a new arena, which would also pave the way for commencement opportunities, especially for the growing population of society.

Controversy in Chinatown: Concerns and opposition

While there is a section of fans and supporters who will back the new arena, ’76 Place’, there is a large section of fans who aren’t keen on the building of the arena.

The arena, which is close to a neighborhood called Chinatown, will affect the everyday lifestyles of the people living in the neighborhood with issues of parking, security, and overdevelopment. Led by a group called the Save Chinatown Coalition, the community that lives right near the arena believes that the new arena will do more harm than good to their community.

76ers arena
Fans are happy with the team’s current arena, via USA Today Sports

However, the developer of the project strongly suggested that the project would bring about a rapid change in the socio-economic situation in the place, with multiple job opportunities that were filled with reservations.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Should the 76ers go ahead with their plan or should they pay heed to the outcry of the communities? We are eager to know your thoughts, so feel free to comment below.

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