Premier League star Matheus Cunha faces trial for over speeding

Soccer stars are idols to many around the globe, but even they are mere human beings. They can also make many mistakes, which often get them much criticism. Matheus Cunha has joined that list, as the Premier League star is in danger from the law.

Cunha is currently one of the most talented forwards in the Premier League, and plays for Wolverhampton, which recently saw violence in a game against West Brom. The Brazilian has been really great for them and deserves more attention. But he has instead brought negative attention to himself thanks to a mistake.

Matheus Cunha faces trial for breaking speed limits

Matheus Cunha is going to face a trial after he was accused of overspeeding. The star was clocked by the police to be driving at 29 mph in his Mercedes vehicle, which is said to be worth £174k, though it is said to have been a rental. The area he was driving in London had a maximum speed limit of 20 mph, which means he passed the speed limit. The incident did not happen recently, but in July of last year.

However, a simple overspeeding ticket does not usually entail a trial, nor does it take a year’s time to be resolved. Usually, a fine is given along with a warning. However, the truth is that the Met Police had written to the player four months ago about the incident. But the 24 year old has reportedly not responded to that since then, and due to his failure to respond and provide information, he will be taken to a criminal trial.

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The Wolves star has said that he had indeed replied in time, and that he had offered the name of the person who was driving the car at the time of the incident. Apparently, it was another driver, according to him. But the police have said that the rental car company gave the name of the soccer star when pressed for information. He was then informed twice via letter to respond, giving him almost four months.

After missing the deadline twice, he is now due to stand trial, which will take place at Willesden Magistrates Court on April 5.

Matheus Cunha currently finds himself sidelined with injury

That is not the only bad news for Matheus Cunha, as the Brazilian is currently on the sidelines due to an injury. He suffered an injury in the game against Brentford last month, which is said to be a hamstring one. The injury is said to be severe, though no assessment has been made yet. However, there is a possibility that he could miss the rest of the season.

This will both hurt his club and his country, Brazil. He has already been removed from the international games coming up this month and may miss the chance to represent his country in the summer Copa America tournament.

The Wolves will also suffer from his absence, as he was one of their best players. Just last month, he scored a brilliant hat trick against Chelsea in a 4-2 win and has 9 goals in the Premier League so far. Some reports suggest he could make a recovery sooner, which could take around a month.

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