Rafael Nadal sweats out with young tennis prodigy at his academy ahead of his 2024 comeback

After more than twenty years, it’s clear there is one thing Rafael Nadal is terrible at: quitting. In a sport in which the brain can drive success as much as the body, that quality has made Nadal one of the best players to ever pick a tennis racket.

As this season winds to a close, the 37-year-old tennis legend has not performed in any competition in the last ten months, with injuries and setbacks keeping him sidelined, yet the Spanish star is determined to return to the court in 2024.

Rafael Nadal sweats out with young tennis prodigy

In anticipation of what would be a highly anticipated 2024 comeback, Rafael Nadal’s has kicked off his preparations with an intense training session. The tennis star has been in the gym in recent weeks and recently decided to engage in a rigorous practice session with 15-year-old Jacopo Vasamì, a promising player from the Rafael Nadal Academy.

According to reports, the training session was nothing short of an intense display of focus, as Nadal and Vasamì exchanged powerful shots. Nadal, who is a renowned workaholic, has always been involved in his academy, mentoring youngsters and being involved with the academy’s talent, like Vasami, to help them grow as better players and get to know the game better.

In addition, ahead of Rafael Nadal’s much-awaited comeback on the tennis courts, he has already started his stringent preparation and has told fans and tennis lovers that he will soon officially announce his return date for the 2024 season. However, his uncle, Toni Nadal, gave a roadmap and explained how things would become easy for the Spanish player if the following things happened:

Rafael Nadal anticipates returning to tennis in 2024

Rafael Nadal has not competed in a tournament since sustaining a hip-flexor injury in the second-round game at the Australian Open. The 22-time Grand Slam winner, however, revealed in June, after having surgery, that he would be back in 6 to 8 weeks but that didn’t eventually pan out as planned.

In recent weeks, Nadal has posted videos on his Instagram handle that prove how much he is working to get fit with daily training and outdoor practice.

Recently, he announced via Instagram: “I confirmed yesterday I’ll be back. Stay tuned these days when I decide and announce with my team when and where.”

Rafa Nadal 3

Also, Rafael Nadal spoke at an event in Barcelona at the Clinica del Tenis, run by his sports physician, Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro. Rafa provided optimistic updates on his recovery and return to tennis. “If you want something new that I haven’t told you so far, then I sincerely believe that I will return to play. I’m not ready to say whether it will be in one place or another, but I’m happy with how things are going. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t in a position to say if I could come back, but the steps forward have been positive. I hope to be able to say something more concrete in the next few weeks.”

“When I know when I’ll be back, I’ll be the first to say so. I’m training and I’m happy. It’s a good time in my life. This is a step forward without any doubt, and it’s a lot,” Rafael Nadal added.

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