Raheem Mostert makes his remarkable return in Miami despite being dismissed multiple times in the past

Even though the NFL is a venue for the best athletes to display their skills, many players fall short of their enormous potential and are never able to lock down a spot on a team. Among them was Miami Dolphins player Raheem Mostert, whose fortitude has been put to the test on multiple occasions.

However, despite the hardships and turmoil-filled NFL career, the wide receiver refused to let adversity define his path and continues to prove it by going hand in hand with Tyreek Hill in Miami.

 Raheem Mostert heroically returns

Mostert joined the Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent from the previously undefeated team of the season, the San Francisco 49ers,on March 17, 2022. The player whose NFL career is mostly designed with turmoil gave the team hope to trust him with his astonishing playmaking abilities. In his five games,  he has 58 carries for 314 yards and has scored 8 touchdowns in the last season.

Raheem Mostert
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The Dolphins greeted him with a two-year contract this season, demonstrating their faith in him in just one season. With the exception of the Buffalo Bills loss in Week 4, the receiver has also started to rapidly live up to the expectations of his team by scoring a touchdown in each of the team’s games this season.

He has 11 touchdowns through six games this season, including two 100-yard rushing efforts. Even more intriguingly, his season-long pace equals 31.166 touchdowns.

Mostert’s NFL career has been littered with setbacks

Raheem Mostert’s NFL career was nothing more than a drama packed with hardships as he was cut from six different clubs in the course of a year and a half. He began his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 after being selected as an undrafted free agent out of Purdue. Despite his best efforts to catch the Eagles’ attention, he was ultimately waived on the 53-man cutdown, per report.

The teams who tried to sign the running back after that were the Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Aaron Rodgers’ New York Jets, and Chicago Bears; however, none of them were able to find room for the player.

On November 28, 2016, the 49ers decided to give him a try and added him to their practice squad. One month later, the team promoted him to the active roster due to his playmaking and passing prowess. However, he suffered a horrific injury that later forced him to be placed on injured reserve. In 2017, he was able to join the 49ers and was again used little.

Despite seeing little action in his first four seasons with the 49ers, he made waves in the NFL community in 2019 after racking up 772 yards and eight touchdowns on 137 carries.

Raheem Mostert
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His career was nearly entirely spent with the 49ers before he eventually returned to the Dolphins for the second time. He is now vying to leave a lasting legacy on the field, demonstrating that the franchise should be wise enough to give him a shot at the first time.

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