Raiders CB Jack Jones discloses hidden details about controversial moment of him snatching the TD ball from young Chiefs fan: “watch it again lollipop”

Since acquiring defensive back Jack Jones off waivers from the New England Patriots last month, the Las Vegas Raiders have undoubtedly made one of their most impactful decisions this season. Since joining the Raiders, Jones has consistently demonstrated his skills, becoming a significant challenge for even the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before securing an upset victory amid rough weather, he showed his excitement, which later forced him to detail the matter as it placed him in the bad book of his fans.

 Jack Jones provides minute details about controversial moment

In the Christmas game that left a bitter taste for the Chiefs, the former Chiefs player stirred up controversy with a bold move, claiming the role of the Grinch by snatching a ball from a young Chiefs fan. While the act raised eyebrows, Jones took to social media to thrash out his innocence, stating that he didn’t snatch the ball from the kid but rather from someone else who attempted to take it.

In an X post, Jack Jones provided his perspective on the incident, writing, “I didn’t snatch that ball from the kid, it was from that black dude who tried to take it. Watch it again, lollipop.” 

The controversy unfolded when Jones intercepted a pass from Patrick Mahomes late in the second quarter, returning it for a pick-six and extending the Raiders’ lead to 17-7, as per Yahoo Sports.

After scoring the pick-six, he approached the stands, seemingly offering the ball to a young Chiefs fan in Chiefs gear. Nevertheless, in a surprising twist, Jones pulled the ball away at the last second, creating a memorable moment that added a touch of Grinch-like mischief to the game.

Despite the spirited controversy, Jack Jones continued his playful banter on social media following the win. Embracing the Grinch persona, he posted a photoshopped image of himself as the infamous character, symbolizing his “theft” of Christmas from Arrowhead Stadium.

Nevertheless, amid all his controversy and his teammate’s four-word banter for the Chiefs, his former mate Mahomes stole the fans’ hearts by showing his sportsmanship following the disappointing loss.

Jack Jones gave away Raiders’ game plan days before Chiefs clash

Prior to the divisional showdown against the Chiefs, Raiders cornerback Jack Jones expressed unwavering focus on a singular objective, stopping the Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Jones made it clear that their primary concern was Mahomes, referring to him as a magician and pointing out that if they could halt his performance, the entire act would come to an end.

“We’re not worried about them. It’s Patrick Mahomes we’ve got to stop. You stop the magician, then the act is over.”

After witnessing Mahomes’ play over the years, Jack Jones recognized the significance of neutralizing the dynamic quarterback to secure a sweet revenge. He understood that containing Mahomes was pivotal for the Raiders’ success against their divisional rivals.

Jones also shared that he had some tricks of his own regarding the previous encounter with the Chiefs in Week 16. He admitted to reviewing the replay multiple times, driven by the attention he received on social media regarding the play. 

The 26-year-old cornerback’s confidence and strategic approach bore fruit during the Monday night game, culminating in a pick-six that marked a significant milestone for Jones. This interception was his third in 22 career games, a remarkable achievement that etched his name in NFL history, setting a record for the most pick-sixes among players in their first 22 games.

Jones’s critical play proved instrumental in the stunning 20-14 upset against the Chiefs, a victory that not only eliminated Kansas City’s chances of securing the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs but also kept the Raiders’ playoff aspirations alive. 

Meanwhile, the Christmas game, filled with dramatic moments, showcased Jones’ knack for creating headlines both on and off the field.

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