Raiders DT faces punishment for ejection after hit on Justin Herbert amid Chargers QB’s gruesome fingernail injury

The Los Angeles Chargers and Justin Herbert had to wait until their Week 3 game to see the face of a win this season. It seems that their current run of form might be affected largely as many of the Chargers’ players began to hit the headlines with painful injuries.

Their franchise quarterback also listed his name during their last battle against the Los Angeles Raiders. In the Chargers’ battle against the Los Angeles Raiders, apart from other injuries, Justin was attacked unnecessarily by the Raiders’ Jerry Tillery for which the Raiders’ player is now slapped by the NFL with a hefty fine.

Jerry Tillery faces unusual punishment for hitting Justin Herbert

In their past week’s game, the Raiders defensive lineman delivered a late hit on Justin Herbert as the quarterback tumbled to his right and was headed out of bounds.

After the game, the NFL announced a $10,927 fine against Tillery. ProFootballTalk pointed out that the punishment is far less than the fines many players receive for violations that appear to be more trivial because frequently, players receive fines greater than this amount for violations that aren’t even flagged.

“In many cases, players get fined more than Tillery’s $10,927 for infractions that aren’t flagged at all. Last week Falcons fullback Keith Smith was fined $87,418, the biggest fine the NFL has given any player this season, for a hit that wasn’t even flagged”, Michael David Smith wrote on Saturday.

Jerry was later ejected from the game and the Raiders also had to digest a penalty for his poor hit on Herbert. However, it seems the second-year quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, continues to harbor bad blood in his mind for his former team Chargers, and a hit on Justin is the perfect consequence of it. 

Justin Herbert’s non-throwing hand takes a hit with a fractured finger

Though the Chargers got a 24-17 win over the Raiders in Week 4, the night was not somehow a good one for their star quarterback.

He threw an interception in the third quarter and was being blocked by the Raider’s defensive end Maxx Crosby when he suffered severe nail damage and a fractured finger on his non-throwing hand.

Justin Herbert
Sports Illustrated

Justin Herbert proceeded to play despite sporting a glove and a splint on the damaged finger, not missing the game. The Chargers are lucky to have a bye week in Week 5 in this regard, so it’s likely that none of his ailments will keep him out of their Monday night game against the Dallas Cowboys in NFL Week 6.

What’s your prediction on the game? Do you think the Chargers will end up having an upset win against the Cowboys?

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