Raiders reportedly pursued Tom Brady over Jimmy Garoppolo amidst NFL GOAT’s retirement announcement

Whether you are a fan of Tom Brady or not, you can’t deny the contribution the legend left on the NFL field by winning a record-breaking seven Super Bowls. His 23-season accolade-filled journey with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is already written in the annals of NFL history with golden letters that are almost unbreakable by current quarterbacks of the league.

A quarterback and locker room leader like Brady is a dream for almost all NFL teams. The Patriots and the Bucs already wrote down their names on the fortunate list. Seeing the team’s success with Tom, the Las Vegas Raiders also once harbored a wish to enlist their name as the third team in Brady’s career.

Raiders made aggressive move to Brady in offseason

Soon after his retirement, the fifteen-time Super Bowl winner announced his intention to be the owner of the Raiders. Although everything was set to be done soon, the recently retired NFL player experienced issues in the legal process of buying the team before Josh Harris took over the ownership of the Washington Commanders. 

Though the former Patriots player’s goal is to secure his name in NFL ownership, the Raiders team possessed a different thought. The Raiders tossed their luck to have Tom Brady to get rid of their quarterback issues. As per Overtime Heroics, the LA team was  “aggressive” in pursuing the retired quarterback.

The move would be a reunion for the three-time NFL MVP with the coach, Josh McDaniels, because McDaniels was the Patriots coordinator during Brady’s era. The most astonishing revelation in this regard was the team’s choice of Derek Carr over Jimmy Garoppolo as Tom’s backup quarterback in Las Vegas.

Nothing of the Raiders team’s expectations went accordingly, as at last they had to list Garoppolo as their first-string quarterback, leaving the hope to get Brady and Carr.

Tom Brady shocks NFL with second retirement announcement

Following his two-decade run in New England, Tom Brady perhaps thought that he had already achieved everything he intended when the Patriots paved the way for him to kick off his NFL career. Hence, the 46-year-old decided to call his career off with the team he started. 

Yet, shutting down all the speculations, the NFL legend stunned the NFL community by signing a deal with the Bucs. His goal was to lead the team to satisfy their Super Bowl hunger and Tom Terrific, who had already won six Super Bowls before, did not fail to achieve it. 

Tom Brady

After assisting the Bucs to fulfill their Lombardi Trophy, Tom Brady feels the urgency of leaving the NFL field for good. In this offseason, at last, the dazzling superstar came out with his final decision.

“Good morning, guys, I’ll get to the point right away: I’m retiring for good,” he started by saying it.

As expected, NFL fans would think that he might change his mind. So, he did not forget to firmly defend his words while showing his gratitude for them.

“Thank you, guys, for letting me live my absolute dream. I wouldn’t change a thing. Love you all, ” those words to assure the fans of his retirement news.

As rumors never stop circulating about his potential return, he recently teased the NFL community with his retirement speculations. Do you think he will change his mind again? Tell us in the comments.

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