Randy Orton makes himself crystal clear over LA Knight’s “zero to hero” story in WWE

LA Knight has been a lucky draw to the SmackDown roster since his debut in 2021. Knight single-handedly went against Roman Reigns and The Bloodline until the arrival of the Viper, Randy Orton, who made his return to WWE after 18 months.

Orton’s participation, has resulted The Bloodline to consistent defeats in recent weeks. In a recent interview, Orton shared his thought about LA Knight and expressed his feelings on Knight’s rapid success in WWE and his future with the company.

Randy Orton provides LA Knight assessment

The Bloodline, being the most dominant faction in the current WWE roster, faced a setback after LA Knight and Randy Orton’s arrival on Smackdown. Orton and Knight teamed up to challenge the Bloodline and secured victory in a tag team match, a feat no other WWE superstar has achieved against them.

On the January 18th episode of WWE: The Bump, Randy Orton made a special guest appearance. Orton discussed his 18-month break from WWE and shared some thoughts about LA Knight. Orton said, “Oh my god, that kid’s got a hell of a future. We haven’t even seen anything from him yet, and he’s already done so much. The reaction he gets from the people, I’ve been able to work with him on some live events, and the kid’s good. He’s good. He’s got the future by the balls.”

In early 2023, after his return to WWE, Knight had a history of losing 20 matches straight in the SmackDown roster. Fans began to boo him, and he was never given any opportunities in pay-per-view events. Everything changed when he started his feud with Bray Wyatt, gaining a huge fan base with his mic skills. However, the feud came to an end after the passing of Bray Wyatt in 2023. Following this, WWE gave Knight a significant push, involving him in a feud with The Bloodline.

He challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship at the main event of Crown Jewel 2023, making his first ever appearance in a main event of a pay per view event. Knight is now set to face Roman Reigns for the second time in 2 months for the title in a fatal four way match against Randy Orton and AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton discusses his reaction to CM Punk’s WWE return

The return of CM Punk to WWE is still the hot topic around the Wrestling industry and it has not stopped even after 2 months. Punk made his return to WWE at the Survivor Series, after the return of Randy Orton. The crowd in Chicago erupted after witnessing the two both greatest return at the same night.

Speaking in the WWE: The Bump, Orton gave his reaction to Punk’s return. Orton said, “Kind of let the wind out of my sails. After it was all said and done, I got a great reaction. No one stepped on anyone’s toes. They got Randy Orton back. Two different reactions, two different people. On a personal level I was happy to have him back.”

Randy Orton and CM Punk
via WWE

Orton said that he was not happy that his return was spoiled by WWE, after announcing for the War Games match and he loved the crowd reaction after seeing Punk’s return. Despites, their rivalry in past, he was glad to share the spotlight with Punk and happy to see him back in WWE.


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