Randy Orton RKOs Logan Paul’s special Smackdown guest while Prime negotiates a WrestleMania contract with WWE

During this week’s Friday Night SmackDown, Logan Paul stirred up WWE fans by introducing a major change to the WWE. He unveiled a big Prime bottle logo in the center of the ring and announced that Prime is now the first center-ring sponsor in WWE history.

This means that fans will be seeing that logo at WrestleMania 40. However, his appearance was not received well by the audience. To make things more exciting, Paul invited one of his old friends, KSI, to join the fun.

Randy Orton RKOs Logan Paul’s special Smackdown guest

During yesterday’s SmackDown event in Dallas, Logan Paul made an appearance and was greeted by a chorus of boos from the fans. However, he ignored their chants and proceeded to announce that Prime had made history by being the first company to strike a center-ring deal with WWE.

As Logan spoke, he unveiled a large Prime bottle in the center of the ring, asserting that it would be prominently displayed at all upcoming premium live events, including WrestleMania 40. The announcement garnered additional boos from the Texas crowd. Subsequently, Logan Paul introduced KSI, who made his entrance through the crowd.

Randy Orton was the next to come out, and LP ran away. Unfortunately for KSI, he was hit with an RKO and was left lying in the middle of the Prime bottle logo on the mat. Orton then picked up a bottle of Prime, took a sip, and poured it on KSI’s crotch for good measure. At least Orton did enjoy the taste of Prime and even commented, “This is very good,” before he finished off by drenching the influencer.

WWE announces deal with Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime

Logan Paul is not only a social media star but also a remarkable wrestler of this generation. He has been an active attraction for the company since his first match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, Texas. Recently, he made a comeback to the city on SmackDown and made a bombshell announcement.

On tonight’s episode of SmackDown, the current WWE United States champion began the show by addressing the WWE Universe. He expressed his appreciation for the company and then announced a significant milestone for his business venture.

Logan Paul announced that his highly successful energy drink brand, PRIME Hydration, has entered into an official sponsorship with the global juggernaut. He unveiled a sizable logo positioned in the center of the ring, indicating its presence during shows and upcoming premium live events. Although their celebration was interrupted by Randy Orton, Paul has successfully secured a significant deal for his business venture.

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