Randy Orton’s anti-Bloodline pair with Kevin Owens reaches 1.3 Million views on YouTube

There is currently a great deal of tension among the fans as a result of Solo Sikoa’s recent takeover of The Bloodline, since the chant “We want Roman” is evident all the time. This week, the tension reached a boiling point as Randy Orton and Kevin Owens joined forces to take on The Bloodline, a decision that fans on social media have been enjoying. 

As seen on SmackDown last week, Kevin Ownes appeared out of nowhere in the plot and was badly beaten by Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga. Many fans didn’t understand that part because of the prizefighter’s unclear involvement. But with Randy Orton’s involvement in this week’s narrative, it looks like the new plot has become a fan favorite, as their brawl segment reached 1.3 million views on YouTube in just 24 hours. 

Nick Aldis banned Bloodline from the first night of the 2024 Draft because of what happened last week and a car accident they set up against KO. However, the Prizefighter was seemingly looking for payback, which prompted him to attack Sikoa and Tonga backstage while they were talking to Paul Heyman on this week’s show. 

As soon as the fight went to ringside, Randy Orton’s theme music started playing as an “unexpected ally,” and he joined the fight to face The Bloodline. He seemed to be enjoying his alliance with KO on social media after the encounter. 

Randy Orton reacts to his alliance with Kevin Owens

Despite some fans’ reservations about the recent Bloodline storyline post-WrestleMania, the pairing of Randy Orton and Owens has been well-received, suggesting WWE is on the right track with this narrative. Notably, the 44-year-old had been sidelined for a year in 2022 due to an injury caused by The Bloodline, adding a personal stake to his involvement. 

He felt compelled to share the news on Twitter after getting tremendous support from followers on YouTube. As soon as Wrestlenomics reported that the video of their joining forces had more than a million views on WWE’s official YouTube channel, he reacted to the tweet and tagged Owens in it.

Now that Daddy is part of the Bloodline’s newest plot, what are your thoughts on it? Share your note in the comment section. 

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