Randy Orton’s WWE training center appearance fuels comeback speculations

One of the most iconic superstars in WWE, Randy Orton, aka The Viper, has been out of the ring since May 2022. He received a serious back injury in an episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown last year. Fans are eagerly waiting for The Viper to make a return to the ring. Despite several rumors circulating of him appearing at SummerSlam 2023, Orton was not seen in the event.

However, a recent video clip of him going out of the WWE training center is going viral, and fans are highly positive about his return this time.

Randy Orton fuels comeback speculation with WWE Training Center appearance

There were several rumors online regarding Randy Orton’s return to WWE, with many fans believing that he is ready for a comeback. However, it didn’t come to any frustration previously, but now there is hope, according to a recent clip.

A new video clip of Randy Orton recorded by a fan has gone viral on X, formerly known as Twitter. The clip shows the superstar entering the WWE Performance Center situated in Orlando. Usually, wrestlers visit the Performance Center to receive clearance to wrestle and mostly work out there to assess their improvement.

This clip has got the fans hyped up for his return to WWE. Although there is no official confirmation of his return, fans are still hoping to see The Viper make a grand comeback.

Why did WWE not feature Randy Orton since 2022?

WWE fans have been waiting for more than one and a half years now for Randy Orton to make a return to the Stamford-based wrestling promotion. The future Hall Of Famer has achieved many phenomenal feats in WWE, and his run was going pretty well in the promotion until he suffered a serious back injury.

Randy Orton suffered this tragic injury in May of last year while facing off against The Uso Brothers with his RK-Bro partner Matt Riddle. Orton and Matt were defending their RAW Tag Team titles. In the match, the RK-Bros lost, which resulted in losing the Tag Team titles. After the match was over, Randy Orton and Matt Riddle were ambushed by The Bloodline faction. While Roman Reigns was giving a beatdown The Viper unfortunately received a back injury.

After that, Randy Orton was not seen in any WWE shows. At the beginning, fans thought it was all part of the storyline. But eventually, they realized that the injury was real when Orton went through several back surgeries. The Viper is currently recovering and trying to return to WWE.

Do you think Orton will get a clearance to return to the WWE soon? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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