Ravens RB Derrick Henry recalls hilarious Nick Saban rant on celebrations: “Stop doing that showboating”

Derrick Henry embarked on a new chapter as he entered free agency this offseason. Speculations swirled regarding the Tennessee Titans star’s departure as the season concluded, fueled by the team’s underwhelming performance. The running back’s six-year tenure under coach Mike Vrabel ultimately came to an end, coinciding with Vrabel’s dismissal.

Henry later shifted gears by joining the Baltimore Ravens. He recently amused fans by reminiscing about Nick Saban’s memorable rant on celebrations during his time at the Alabama Crimson Tide squad.

Derrick Henry recalls hilarious Nick Saban incident

Tales of Nick Saban’s coaching prowess and legendary discipline continue to surface even after his retirement. Derrick Henry recently shared a humorous anecdote about the coach’s no-nonsense attitude and unique coaching methods.

The story revolved around the ex-Alabama coach’s disdain for excessive post-touchdown celebrations, particularly gestures like prayer hands. He even expressed his frustration with such antics in a team meeting.

“We were in a meeting after a game. He pulled up film and show everybody. You guys, stop doing that showboating, doing all that prayer hands, acting like you’re thanking God,” Henry recounted during an appearance on The Pivot via Over Time Heroics.

However, the comedic twist came later that same night when Saban caught some of his players engaging in activities far removed from the virtuous image they portrayed on the field. As Henry humorously recounted, Saban stumbled upon his players at midnight, indulging in Black & Milds, liquor, and chasing girls. It completely disregards the coach’s earlier bold words.

Henry’s story highlights the high standards Saban holds for his players, both in their performance and personal conduct. Saban’s impact on college football is unmatched. Under his guidance, the Crimson Tide achieved an impressive record of nine SEC titles and six national championships. Throughout his remarkable career, he has achieved incredible success, winning an impressive 11 SEC championships and seven national titles over the course of three decades.

Even in retirement, Saban remains a revered figure in the football community. He lent his expertise as a prominent analyst on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay.’

Derrick Henry’s performances in Alabama

Derrick Henry joined Alabama as a freshman in 2013. He wasted no time making a significant impact, recording 382 yards and three touchdowns in a limited role. In his second year, he had a bigger role and ended the season with an impressive performance at the 2014 Sugar Bowl. He demonstrated his versatility in that campaign by gaining 100 rushing yards, scoring a touchdown, and making a 61-yard touchdown reception.

Derrick Henry
Bleacher Report

However, it was during his junior year in 2015 that Derrick Henry truly established his reputation. He assumed the role of the starting running back and set new records, accumulating an impressive 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns on the ground, leading the SEC in both categories. His performance was truly impressive, consistently finding the end zone in every game and displaying his superiority in every matchup.

The running back was awarded the prestigious Heisman Trophy that season. His dominance on the field surpassed that of his competitors, including finalists Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson. He made the decision to declare for the 2016 NFL Draft, leaving behind a legacy at Alabama that will be remembered for years to come.


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