Rayshawn Jenkins explains Jaguars just needed to “get rid of the shot plays” to shut down Saints QB Derek Carr following dominant victory

Except for the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans, the Jacksonville Jaguars had been incredible in the 2023 NFL season. With a 5-2 mark, they are proudly sitting atop the AFC South division till week 7, thanks to safety Rayshawn Jenkins for his incredible role on the defensive side.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints had been struggling to find rhythm in the league with a 3-4 record. With a poor offense led by quarterback Derek Carr, the team is in doubt about making a playoff run this season. Following their recent 31-24 loss to the Jaguars on Thursday, Jenkins didn’t shy away from pulling the leg of Carr for his failure on the O-line.

Rayshawn Jenkins talks on game plan vs Derek Carr

On the day when Carr struggled on the O-line by failing to have a single completion longer than 21 yards, the Saints running back Alvin Kamara, who has faced a ban recently, moonlighted as a hero. He finished with 91 yards on 12 receptions, although his lone effort didn’t result in defeat. Following the win, Jaguars vet Jenkins showcased no eyebrows; instead, he threw a jab at the Saints QB, saying his habit of embracing “check down” led Jacksonville to an easy win.

“We know that’s Derek Carr’s game. He’s gonna check down, check down, check down. We just have to win the game down the field and that was the mindset of the DBs. We’ll let him have the check-downs, we’ll come up, rally, tackle that, and get rid of the shot plays,” he said via JagsWire.

The Jaguars RB is not the only one to throw a jab at the former Las Vegas Raiders star. The NFL community doesn’t spare him on social media due to his athleticism. The Saints signal-caller had been averaging only 6.3 yards per attempt this season, and falling back on conservative pass attempts rather than taking deep shots had been his major problem for years.

Even throughout the last seven games, the veteran recorded only one completion of 50 yards, a terrible scenario for a franchise QB.

Jaguars vs Saints match recap

The 24-31 loss marks the Saints’ consecutive loss after having a good start this season. In New Orleans’ Thursday 7-point loss to Jacksonville, the offense couldn’t be much worse as they terribly failed to take advantage in the red zone. Even in the first quarter, the Saints got a huge opportunity to earn more points when they had been given consecutive turnovers in the rival’s zone. However, they couldn’t turn the chance in their favor and recorded just three points in the run.

Rayshawn Jenkins
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On the defensive side of the ball, the Saints showcased a promising performance at the beginning. The defensive weapons were even to assist their offense by only one touchdown to the opponent late in the 4th. However, they couldn’t create much pressure on the Jaguars’ young quarterback, Trevor Lawrence and allowed him 59 yards on the ground while failing to sack him once. The signal-caller finished the game at 20/29 and 204 yards, along with a touchdown.

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