Real-life Bloodline member reacts to social media meltdown following The Rock robs Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania spot

Dwayne Johnson made his comeback in a long time in the RAW: Day-1 event, where during his promo he asked the WWE universe if they wanted him to be the ‘Head of the Table.’ Later on, The Rock made his first appearance in SmackDown on the February 2 episode as the potential opponent of Roman Reigns in WM 40.

The Rock robbing Cody Rhodes’ WrestleMania spot made fans disappointed with the Stamford-based company. Former WWE wrestler Rikishi has recently reacted to the social media meltdown over the The Rock vs Roman Reigns situation.

Real-life Bloodline member breaks silence over the Rock hate

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, who is the ‘Real-life Bloodline member’ of both The Rock and Roman Reigns, has recently reacted to the outrage fans have caused over Dwayne Johnson replacing Cody Rhodes.

This is not the first time ‘The Samoan Stinker’ has teased both The Big Dog and The Brahma Bull’s potential fight. Back in January, after Rock made his shocking entrance, he briefly mentioned challenging Roman Reigns and taking his place as the Head of the Table. After this announcement, Rikishi trolled ‘The Great One’ over the Head of the Table declaration.

Rikishi is a cousin to both The Rock and Roman Reigns and as a family, he has to encourage his brothers for their upcoming match. Rikishi has even picked a referee for the bout, who is Miko Chioda, a retired wrestling senior referee, for the inevitable clash between Roman Reigns and The Rock at WrestleMania XL.

The Rock taking Cody’s WM 40 spot causes massive outrage

Cody Rhodes became the first WWE wrestler to win consecutive Royal Rumble matches since Stone Cold Steve Austin. The American Nightmare was dishonorably defeated last year by Reigns and since then Cody has made it clear that he will ‘Finish the Story’. Rumors claim that Cody will unify both WWE titles this year.

Since The Rock replaced Cody for the WM 40 match, it has resulted in massive outrage among fans. WWE fans were so displeased with the decision that they made a record by disliking The Rock & Roman Reigns’ segment from SmackDown, making it the most disliked video in WWE to date.

Although the fans are disappointed with the decision, The Rock has addressed his appreciation for the fans and his upcoming match with Roman. Taking to Twitter, he said, “There’s a word for this explosive, insane reaction – undeniable. No matter the era, the decade, or the city, the energy and connection between the People’s Champ and the People can never be broken and is truly an electrifying experience that creates chills every single time. Thank you Birmingham, Alabama, we made magical history in the “magic city”. Thank you WWE and thank you Cody for the love and the house (dream & soulman). Roman, there’s only one head of the table. I’ll see you in Vegas…Uso.”

There were always speculations that The Rock might face Reigns in the WM 40 event or that the match would be a triple threat with Cody added to the mix. Now that the match card is clear, although this was not well-received by every fan, some fans are cheering for the Cody vs. Seth Rollins match in the upcoming event in April.

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