Red Bull’s Max Verstappen boldly claims desire to forgo F1 wins for favorite football club’s UCL glory

Max Verstappen is one of the most successful drivers in Formula 1 and it has been proven in the recent season that the young Dutchman is on his way to a glorious future in the sport. Max Verstappen has become a phenomenon in Formula 1, but there’s a little secret that no one knows about his desire for glory.

Max Verstappen is a fan of football and he even plays EA FC24 actively. His favorite club in the Champions League is a long-standing rival of Liverpool and amongst the stories of Max Verstappen being closely associated with Liverpool, the Red Bull driver has made a huge claim that turned his fans’ eyes towards him in shock.

Verstappen’s prefers PSV’s UCL glory over a year of F1 wins

Max Verstappen has just secured 50 wins in his career but according to him, the glory of his favorite club takes precedence over his own success. Verstappen was talking about the disappointment he felt when his club was eliminated recently.

“It was obviously a pretty painful night after PSV were eliminated, but Giovanni van Bronckhorst is in charge of Rangers. It was painful, but I hope they do well.”

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“Then you have Erik at Manchester United so it’s nice to see other Dutchmen being high up in things across the world. It’s not always easy but he’s a Dutchman, so he can handle the pressure.”

“Hopefully with that win over Liverpool – I’m also a bit of a Liverpool fan because Virgil is there – I hope they can go back to where they belong, which is of course, at the top.”

However, the most shocking statement came when Max Verstappen boldly claimed about giving up his future wins just for the sake of PSV winning a championship. This drew a lot of attention from the club fans and they were head over heels for their Dutch admirer. “In that case, I don’t win a race for a whole year and PSV win the Champions League.”

Max Verstappen becomes second-fastest to hit 50 wins

The US GP was one of his most difficult races yet Max Verstappen managed to triumph over everything and find a way to the top step of the podium, claiming yet another win and making a half century of wins for his F1 career. Max became the second fastest driver to hit 50 wins in his career with his new US GP trophy.

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Max Verstappen took 181 races to reach this grand milestone, overtaking Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton, who claimed it in 183 races. However, the grand crown is still held by the legend of the sport, Michael Schumacher, who took 50 wins in 153 races.

Have you ever watched any of Michael Schumacher’s races and do you think anyone will be able to beat his legacy in Formula 1? Let us know in the comments section.


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