Rhea Ripley furious with WWE fans after Maxxine Dupri booed out of the arena: “Be better as humans”

After making her debut in July 2023, Maxxine Dupri has wrestled only thirteen times since then, opting to learn the ropes on the main roster rather than at NXT. Wrestling audiences are notoriously picky and expect nothing less than perfection from all their performers, regardless of their level of expertise, so adjusting to this new setting is no picnic.

Rhea Ripley, the well-known heel of RAW, broke character to defend Maxxine Dupri after her live performance, even though she has been fighting with other women for the last several months.

Rhea Ripley defends Maxxine Dupri against hurtful critics

There has been a consistent rise in Rhea Ripley’s popularity, making her a leading WWE superstar. Her reputation for standing up for her fellow wrestlers was on full display when she backed Maxxine Dupri after the viral video of her being booed at a live event. 

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Originally linked to Robert Stone, Maxxine Dupri made the jump from WWE’s NXT to the main roster in 2022 after joining the company in 2021. But a video of her enduring intense boos during a recent live performance has brought her to the forefront of public attention. 

Reacting to the video, Rhea Ripley said, ‘I really wish that some of you got booed and ridiculed in the public eye while being new at your job. Learning and getting better is all apart of being human. Be better as humans.”

A number of wrestlers came out in Dupri’s defense after the incident, with Mami being the most prominent. Ripley emphasized the need to be empathetic and understanding while dealing with criticism and improvement, saying that it is an inevitable element of personal progress. 

Looking at Maxxine Dupri’s run in WWE main roster

Maxxine Dupri’s rise to stardom in WWE has been aided by her move from Maximum Male Models to Alpha Academy. In July of 2022, she made her SmackDown debut, taking up the position of talent director for MMM that had been held by her narrative brother, Max Dupri. 

Maxxine Dupri
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Being new to wrestling, Dupri is still mostly unknown to the WWE Universe despite her rise. Nevertheless, many are curious about her history and how she got started in the profession because of how much attention she has received. But crowd booing at her most recent live performance showed that she clearly has a long way to go in her wrestling career.

Having earned her contract after a successful audition in Las Vegas, Dupri has already managed famous personalities in WWE at the age of 25. She has been given chances to develop and improve as a performer by WWE, who have kept her on the main roster despite hurdles and poor fan responses.

What do you think? Did fans do the right thing with Maxxine Dupri, or should they have been kind to the new girl? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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