Rhea Ripley gets emotional over her reunion of 7 years apart: “Absolutely wild”

Rhea Ripley is a growing star in WWE, and her latest actions, such as a unique and interesting post, have caused a lot of buzz. She is in Australia right now getting ready for the next WWE PLE event. Mami and WWE are both busy marketing Elimination Chamber 2024 with posts from their trip.

Ripley recently got back together with her wrestling revolution friends Damian Slater and Marcius Pitt in Australia, which came as a surprise. It had been seven years since WR Revolution 2016. People are more interested in Ripley’s journey now that she has reunited with her friends.

Rhea Ripley shares emotional update over her latest reunion

After making a splash at the first-ever Mae Young Classic in 2017, 20-year-old Rhea Ripley signed a WWE contract. She may not have won, but her star power was undeniable. With a background at the WWE Performance Center and the Mae Young Classic under her belt, Ripley entered NXT UK as an experienced and fearsome opponent determined to rule the NXT UK Women’s division.

Ripley established herself as a dominant figure in the world of professional wrestling because of her aggressive personality and incredible power. Damian Slater and Marcius Pitt were her partners when she was working for indie promotions. While in Australia for the Elimination Chamber 2024, she had a reunion with her former partners, which she documented in a picture she tweeted. 

The comment “absolutely wild” perfectly summed up their reunion after seven years apart, bringing back joyful memories of their revolutionary wrestling days like before seven years together.

Former WWE champion wants Rhea Ripley challenge

Right now in WWE, the powerful champions are in charge, and the Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, is at the top of her game. Mickie James has taken notice of her strong reign.

The 6-time Women’s Champion, who is notorious for dropping clues about her plans, has recently hinted at a comeback to WWE. Her enemies may include the Eradicator from Judgment Day, but fans wouldn’t be shocked if that’s on her list.

Rhea Ripley
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After a successful return to TNA (formerly Impact Wrestling) where she won the Knockouts Championship twice, Mickie James grandly returned to WWE for the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble. James, despite her achievements, feels compelled to bring shame onto the victor.

A recent interview by James on the Gabby AF podcast revealed her dissatisfaction with Ripley and her faction’s dominance of the division. James also expressed her desire to fight Ripley in the ring soon, issuing an open warning. She said, “Rhea. Do you know why? Because I’ve never faced her. I never had a chance to wrestle her. I think Mami needs to take on The Mother.”

Do you think Mickie James can make any change in Mami’s title reign? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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