Richard Petty’s unbreakable NASCAR record set in 1967 remains untouched by any other driver

NASCAR stands as an enduring icon in the motorsports realm, with its rich history marked by remarkable achievements of legendary drivers. Yet, among the records and milestones, one figure stands out uniquely: Richard Petty.

The American driver has clinched some notable records during his career, one of which appears nearly insurmountable even today.

Richard Petty’s 1967 NASCAR record that nobody has beaten yet

Richard Petty has been a phenomenal driver throughout his NASCAR career, earning records that are almost impossible to break. Petty has two records, traced 50 years ago, that have created a long-lasting impact on the industry.

In 1967, the American won 27 races out of 48, with 10 consecutive wins, winning the hearts of audiences worldwide. Throughout NASCAR’s 68-year-old history, no one had the ability to surpass Petty’s limit to secure 10 continuous wins. The next best record is 5, a win that involves him too. Along with Bobby Alison, Petty had clinched 5 consecutive wins in a row in 1971.

Some people may assume that the 85-year-old could only achieve all the victories due to the lack of potential rivals; however, his competitors were legendary NASCAR drivers such as Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough, David Pearson, LeeRoy Yarbrough, Fred Lorenzen and Mario Andretti. 

What happened to Richard Petty after retirement?

However, it was not much longer until Petty’s luck ran out and his 10-year streak ended. In October 1991, at 54 years old, the American would retire after a 29-race appreciation tour.

Currently, Petty has earned respect beyond his motorsports success by embracing the role of team ambassador (Legacy Motor Club) in the Cup Series and owner of Petty’s Garage (a car restoration and modification shop) in Level Cross, North Carolina. He also had PettyBusiness, one of the most recognised motorsports organisations; however, he sold a majority of Petty Enterprises to the private equity firm Boston Ventures to gain much-needed capital. Six months later, it merged with Gillett Evernham Motorsports; hence, the new business was called Richard Petty Motorsports.

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