Roman Reigns points fingers at Jey Uso and Sami Zayn for his graying hair: “they’ve aged me”

Roman Reigns is a well-known wrestler and has famously earned the name of the Tribal Chief in WWE. He is known for his confident demeanor and strong presence in the ring.

Recently, a WWE fan on TikTok pointed out that Reigns has grey hair on his face. The Big Dog responded to that fan with a short clip and explained that the reason for his grey hair was due to the actions of the former Bloodline members, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn.

Roman Reigns explains why his hair turning gray

WWE champion Roman Reigns has some lines of grey hair growing in his beard. A sharp-eyed fan on TikTok caught this change and pointed it out in the comment section. The champ did not ignore it but responded in a funny way.

”This is because of Jey. This is Jey and Sami’s fault. This is what happens, you try to give an inch, they try to take a mile. They’ve aged me. Thank god my skin is unmatched quality, thank god my skin is so beautiful it’s like kissed by the sun. If anything, the grey hair just showcases my experience,” said Roman Reigns by uploading a short video jokingly blaming his on-screen enemies, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn.

So, the implication is clear—all their drama and shenanigans are stressing the Tribal Chief out so much that it’s turning his hair grey.

Whether it’s real or just a clever way to play along with the story, this interaction shows Reigns’ fun personality and his ability to connect with fans. It also adds another layer to the ongoing storyline between these wrestlers. Now, every time fans see that grey hair, they’ll be reminded of the crazy times the Usos and Zayn put Reigns through.

Roman Reigns doesn’t want Jey Uso participating at WrestleMania 40

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Roman Reigns assures that he wouldn’t harm his cousin, Jey Uso, ahead of his match against Jimmy Uso, who is still part of The Bloodline.

However, on SmackDown, Roman Reigns took matters into his own hands and sent Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and the eldest Uso to Connecticut to deliver a message to Cody Rhodes, the WWE Universe, and Rikishi’s son, who has gone astray. This message was in preparation for the biggest singles match of his career.

Heyman took over the SmackDown broadcast to deliver a special segment in which he explained why The Rock attacked Rhodes on RAW and after the show ended. He also revealed the faction’s plans for the future.

“By orders of the ‘Tribal Chief,’ when you hear those words, you know something is about to happen, What do you think happened to Cody Rhodes on Monday? The ‘Final Boss’ took out Cody Rhodes. Why? By orders of the ‘Tribal Chief.’” said Paul Heyman.

Jimmy Uso also joined in, adding his voice to the criticism against his brother Jey Uso.

“And by these orders, Jey, you don’t make it to WrestleMania,” Jimmy Uso added, “it will be little brother versus little big brother by orders of the ‘Tribal Chief,’” said Jimmy Uso.

Finally, Sikoa apologized to his middle brother for what he was about to do as he spoke his last words.

“I’ll see you next week, I’m gonna miss you, but I’ve got to take you out by orders of the ‘Tribal Chief,’” said Solo Sikoa.

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