“Saw it happen to two friends”: Former UFC star provides solution for Ryan Garcia’s weed problems

Ryan Garcia’s apparent struggle with mental health has been evident through his various social media posts. Friends and family have come forward to urge help for Garcia as he prepares for a highly anticipated matchup against Devin Haney, the WBC super lightweight champion.

Will Garcia come to his senses before he fights Haney? What is plaguing the former WBC interim lightweight champion’s mind? Jake Shields, the former UFC title challenger, might have an idea of what the superstar boxer is dealing with.

Jake Shields provides solution for Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia has posted a lot of weird things on social media with one of them being his belief in the Bohemian Grove conspiracy. Garcia’s troubles forced Andrea Celina, his ex-wife, to urge fans to help the boxer recover from the apparent mental illness.

Jake Shields recently tweeted about what happened to Garcia and even offered a solution to cure him. “Ryan Garcia is almost certainly experiencing mania due to smoking weed,” tweeted Shields, suggesting the reason for Garcia’s situation. Shields clarified that he was not defending the New York State Athletic Commission, as they volunteered to conduct psychotherapy for Garcia.

“This isn’t something that I thought wasn’t real until I saw it happen to two friends,” Shields further added as he stated that stopping weed usage would bring Garcia back to his senses. The former welterweight MMA fighter had a stern message that increased usage of weed would result in institutionalized treatment.

For context, Garcia is very public about his usage of weed and has even endorsed its usage for recreational activities. However, many, including his opponent Devin Haney, alleged that Garcia was using cocaine.

Ryan Garcia stirs situation with Presidential promises

Ryan Garcia had already made unbelievable claims on social media, so it’s not even surprising to hear about it anymore. However, his recent claims about X created a frenzy as he offered millions to people if he became the US President, according to Marca.

“There will be no more classified files,” Garcia tweeted about what citizens could expect if he becomes the President. “They will know everything. Please, help me to be president,” he further added as he promised to do noble work for the citizens of the USA.

Garcia even went on to offer a million per head if they would help him change the legal age of contesting the US elections. The minimum age requirement of a US President is 35 and Garcia is only 25 years old.

Garcia’s behaviors have made fans worry about his fight against Devin Haney, the former undisputed lightweight boxing champion. Moreover, many have even called for Garcia to be pulled out from the event for his safety and health.

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