Sergio Perez calls on local fans to support entire Red Bull team amid threat posed by Hurricane Otis to Mexican GP

The Mexican GP is riddled with controversies and suspicions, which have compelled Sergio Perez, the home hero, to call upon the support of fans in a tough situation. It all started back at the US GP, where frustrated Mexican fans booed Max Verstappen and chanted the name of Perez in an attempt to demotivate the driver.

Formula 1’s next race, the Mexican GP, has been preceded by death threats to Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet and extra security for Max Verstappen, which unfortunately has caused huge chaos in the paddock. The situation couldn’t get any worse with a natural disaster looming over the race’s future.

Perez appeals to Mexican fans to rally behind Red Bull team

It is apparent that Mexican fans have some strife with Red Bull considering the recent performance criticisms of Sergio Perez. Checo is their dear driver and every year, Mexico greets him with pomp and joy. In recent situation however, there are risks to Sergio Perez’s Red Bull and the Mexican Minister of Defense maybe be ousted from the team on account of bad performance. This news didn’t sit well with Checo’s admirers and things have gotten awry pretty soon.

Red Bull: Perez now as comfortable as Verstappen in RB18 F1 car
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“Mexico is the most important weekend of the season for me … I can’t wait any longer for my career at home! The support in Austin was crazy, so I can’t imagine what Mexico will be like … surely very special”, Checo was happy about the support in an interview but he intervened and appealed his fans to support the entire team and love them equally. “I want Mexico to come out to support the entire Red Bull team, not just me”

Checo’s important message might as well be the key to unlocking the hearts and calming down the visitors of Mexican GP so that, nothing undesirable happens in the race.

Kelly Piquet Receives Death Threats for Her Stance on Israel-Palestine  Conflict
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Hurricane Otis raises doubts over Mexican GP

The Mexican GP is under threat of cancellation due to a sudden disaster undergoing on its coasts. The Hurricane Otis has manage to wreak havoc on the Pacific coast of Mexico causing mayhem on the shore and managing to destroy the beach resort of Acapulco. The superstorm is destroying infrastructure rendering the city without power and communication.

27 dead after Hurricane Otis makes landfall in Mexico as Category 5 storm -  ABC News
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The Mexican GP has always been a special race because of it’s cultural significance but the conditions recent aren’t supportive to the race at all and it might as well cause a cancellation to not induce further complications.

Our good wishes go to the residents of Mexican coasts and we pray the storm recedes soon, but what are your views about hosting the Mexican GP in such a critical situation both inside and outside the paddock? Make sure you drop them down in the comments.


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