Shannon Sharpe on Mike Epps lying about him: Say my name again and I’ll release the DMs

Shannon Sharpe hit the headlines several times for his cold war with Skip Bayless while being the host of Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed. The ex-NFL tight end later left the show following those internal disputes. He has recently joined hands with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ to continue providing insights on sports.

Sharpe also covers various interesting topics in his show NightCap, which he co-hosts with Chad Ochocinco. He has recently used this platform to get involved in an on-air banter with comedian Mike Epps.

Shannon Sharpe hits back at Mike Epps for allegedly lying about him

Shannon Sharpe fiercely defended his reputation against Mike Epps’ recent claims. Epps humorously suggested that Sharpe had approached him for an interview on “Club Shay Shay” podcast. He also questioned his sexuality.

Sharpe didn’t take these allegations lightly. He addressed Epps directly on the “Nightcap” episode by pointing at the camera and challenged the comedian’s credibility. He made it clear that he felt Epps was lying about him reaching out for an interview and issued a stern warning as well.

“I’ll put this out there, and I’ll fire this shot over your head mofo,” Sharpe said on NightCap. “Mention my name again and I’ll put out the DM’s. I don’t like doing this but you’re lying. I don’t care about all that other stuff, you can say I’m gay, I don’t care about that cause I don’t chase a lie but I won’t let you lie on my name. Say my name again and I’ll release the DMs”, he said.

The heated exchange started when Epps joked about Sharpe’s potential motives during an interview with comedian Katt Williams. Epps suggested that Sharpe might have ulterior motives. He referenced the former TE as gay and made inappropriate comments about a potential assault.

This controversy sheds light on the ongoing speculation surrounding Sharpe’s sexuality. The rumor was fueled in part by his association with his openly gay stylist, known as “Hollywood.”

Mike Epps responded by doubling down on Shannon Sharpe Joke

Epps didn’t back down in response to Shannon Sharpe’s criticism. Instead, he questioned why Sharpe would want to fight him by mentioning the irony of Sharpe being a target for comedic impersonations.

“They was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ talking about you — imitating you, but now you wanna fight me? You was tryna get him to talk crazy about me, but he didn’t, okay,” he said.


Mike Epps responds to Shannon sharpe and tells him he ain’t into squabbling but wants if he wanna play around u can catch a leggaz

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Epps said he never labeled Sharpe as gay but merely described him as “zesty.” He also teased an encounter at the NBA All-Star Weekend, where both personalities were set to be in Indiana.

“You gon be at the All-Star [game], I’m gon be at at the All-Star and Imma see you, aight? And Imma just let you know, I don’t be doing no fighting lately. So, you know it’s only one other option.”

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the two celebrities cleared the air and extended apologies to each other. Sharpe later shared on social media that the beef had been squashed, saying that the initial reaction was an overreaction.

The NBA All-Star Weekend is set to take place in Indianapolis from February 16–18. Sharpe had a role as a coach in the event, while Epps is set to host an event related to the weekend’s festivities.


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