Shannon Sharpe provides a crystal clear opinion of the Broncos’ humiliation against Dolphins

The Denver Broncos is one of those majority teams of the NFL’s AFC Division who has not yet been able to prove themselves as a Super Bowl contender this year. After witnessing a shoddy season last year, the team with eight AFC championships and three Super Bowl titles is having the worst nightmare this season as well.

Denver reconstructed their whole team after witnessing a poor season last year, albeit all efforts went in vain following their 0-3 start, especially after their terrible loss to the Miami Dolphins. Shannon Sharpe, the Broncos Hall of Famer, has a strong message for the team following their week 3 embarrassment.

Shannon Sharpe reacts to Dolphins vs. Broncos

The Dolphins beat the Broncos 70-20 on Sunday, marking the fourth most points scored in league history, most points scored in the history of the Dolphins as well as the most points allowed in the Denver team’s history.

Following the match, Sharpe, who recently left FS1, lost his cool and took to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to vent his anger saying the poor record of allowing so many points and yards in a single match is ‘unconscionable’.

“Broncos country, I’m incredibly sorry and embarrassed by this PATHETIC F’ING EFFORT by our Broncos. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. 2 give up 70 pts in a NFL GM with a 300 hundred yd passer 150 yd receiver, a 200 yd rusher in the same gm is “UNCONSCIONABLE”’

The former footballer has been a Bronco for nearly a decade (1990-99), and he brought nothing but success in this tenure. From earning seven Pro Bowls along with five All-Pro teams as a Bronco and helping the franchise to win consecutive Lombardi trophies in the 1997 and 1998 seasons, he took the team to another new height.

Hence, the HOF’s frustration is very well understood, and even former Denver icon Terrell Davis expressed his disappointment following the loss of his former team.

Garett Bolles left feeling like “sh*t”

Garett Bolles, Denver’s offensive tackle, wished to bounce back stronger this year after missing the final 12 games of the last season due to breaking his leg. Nevertheless, his hopes remained unfulfilled till the start of the 2023 season. He had difficulty digesting the pathetic performance of their offense that allowed their rivals to rack up 726 yards of offense.

After getting drafted in 2017, the OT has never been able to watch his team roaring in the league, and it has visibly become a frustrating fact for him.

“S**t. I’m tired of losing, man. I’ve been here for seven years, and all I’ve done is lost, and it’s frustrating”, he said via 9NEWS’ Scott Gange.

Following three consecutive defeats, the Broncos made a baffling record of giving up 70 points in a game for the first time in the team’s 64-season history. However, it was not their worst defeat in terms of point margin as the team earlier lost to the Kansas City Chiefs 59-7 back in 1963.

Though Russell Wilson earlier shared optimism about a potentially good season, his team doesn’t look promising from any angle with their lackluster performance. They will be heading to Chicago to face off against the Chicago Bears, another winless team. Which team do you think will earn their first win in the showdown? Tell us in the comments.


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