Shaq vouches for Bol Bol in Victor Wembanyama comparison

Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama has been great so far in the season. The number one draft pick has shown his potential in many games and continues to do so every week. However, NBA Icon Shaquille O’Neal still backs his choice, Bol Bol over Wemby.

Shaq has been a legendary center in the NBA and is well-respected worldwide for his opinion on players and the game. He had talked about the Suns player Bol Bol and Wemby previously on Inside the NBA show but touched on it again in his recent podcast.

Shaq vouches for Bol Bol in Victor Wembanyama comparison

In a recent episode of his podcast “The Big Podcast,” NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal reiterated his support for Phoenix Suns player Bol Bol. The discussion started while speaking over the recent displays of Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama who has been performing really well individually in the league.

Despite his individual brilliance, Victor Wembanyama has faced challenges in securing victories due to the lack of support and depth in the Spurs’ roster. Wembanyama’s standout performances have garnered praise from notable figures in the NBA, including Giannis Antetokounmpo, contributing to high expectations for his future in the league.

On his podcast, Shaq vouched for Bol Bol instead and said, “Bol Bol can do anything Wemby can do and even a little better: He can dribble behind the back, shoot a three, nice handle, the floater game… he is just lazy. I stand by the statement that Bol Bol is the first 7-foot-5 guy to have those skills.”

Shaq had backed Bol Bol previously on an episode of TNT’s Inside the NBA to remind the panelists that Victor Wembanyama is not the first 7-footer to play an amazing style of basketball in the modern NBA. In fact, it was Bol Bol who did it first.

Comparing Victor Wembanyama’s physical traits with Bol Bol

Bol Bol and Victor Wembanyama are both behemoths in the NBA who possess a natural advantage over everyone in the league. They both are two of the tallest players in the league with Wemby being 7’4″ tall while Bol Bol boasting a close 7’2″. The Spurs rookie weighs a bit more heavily than the Suns player with a weight of 229 pounds while Bol Bol is 220 pounds.

Victor Wembanyama
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However, Wemby has a longer wingspan than Bol Bol. Wemby’s wingspan is a massive 8 feet, while Bol Bol’s is limited to 7’5″. Although Bol Bol has a good wingspan, Wemby’s extra length comes in handy for defense.

So far, Victor Wembanyama’s individual performance has been impressive, averaging 21.6 points and 10.4 rebounds. However, he struggles to secure wins, which is more attributed to the team’s performance rather than his own.

What are your thoughts on Shaq supporting Bol Bol over Wemby? Do you believe Victor Wembanyama has the potential to be the face of the NBA in the future? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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