“She wanted the juice”: Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s fist bump emojis on Lewis Hamilton post spark controversy

Max Verstappen, otherwise known as “Mad Max” on the ground, had a unique experience in his personal life, which developed him into a “lovebird”. Verstappen has been dating the love of his life, Kelly Piquet, since the start of his F1 journey.

The two have been lovey-dovey together, both off and on camera. Thousands of paparazzi have been following the couple in hope of some juicy argument pictures, but so far, they have managed to find none. However, recently, the F1 star’s girlfriend faced a lot of criticism for liking a post related to Lewis Hamilton, sparking controversy.

Verstappen’s girlfriend faces fan backlash

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, liked a social media post defending her father, Nelson Piquet, after a racist slur against Lewis Hamilton. However, recently, she commented with lots of “fist bump” emojis on Hamilton’s post, which reignited the controversy involving her father and the British driver, as well as Kelly being labeled as a fan of Hamilton. Some have even stated that maybe she pretended to be nice and humble because she wanted to impress him, not feeling remorse at all.

Former F1 champion Piquet used the N-word to describe Hamilton in an interview in Brazil last year, which surfaced on Tuesday while discussing the collision between him and Verstappen at the 2021 British Grand Prix.

The interview was recorded in Portuguese, as the three-time World Champion used the degrading term to refer to the British superstar, for which he has officially apologized.

Rodrigo, Nelson’s relative, proceeded to make a post defending the former driver to cool the matter down. However, the situation rose greater than ever when Kelly liked the post too.

After that, she had to face the wrath of Hamilton’s fans, who accused her of defending her father despite being the girlfriend of a World Champion who’s on the same batch as Hamilton herself. She was also accused of being a diehard fan of Hamilton and hence apologized to him on her father’s behalf to get attention.

There have been fierce debates among the fans regarding this incident tearing the internet apart on two sides.

How long have Verstappen and his girlfriend been together?

The couple has been legitimately together since 2020. Kelly celebrated her boyfriend’s first world title win at the end of the 2021 season at the controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with the caption, “World f***** champion. Just unforgettable.”

She has supported him throughout his entire F1 career, providing valid emotional support. Their relationship was often labeled “Couple Goals”.

It shows how madly they are in love together when Max  posted a picture of his girlfriend and his mom with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to these amazing mothers.”

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