Sheamus receives praise for giving Edge a “hell of a fight” in his farewell in-ring presence

The retirement match for any wrestler is usually a bittersweet and special occasion. Not all who enter the ring, get to retire on their own terms. Long-time WWE veteran Edge is rather lucky in this regard. After suffering a seemingly career-ending injury, Edge made his return in 2020 and had another 3 years of extended career. For his last match, he picked another veteran of the sport, Edge as his opponent.

Edge and Sheamus had been working in the ring for a long time. In their whole wrestling career, they have never got the opportunity to compete in a singles match. However, the dream match came true in this week’s episode of SmackDown which was held in the hometown of the R-Rated superstar.

Sheamus and Edge’s bout was a banger

Edge made his in-ring debut on the June 22, 1998, edition of Raw. He remained a singles competitor before forming a gothic stable named The Brood with Gangrel and Christian that same year.

But, Edge found greater success as a singles competitor, winning the WWE Championship (4x), World Heavyweight Championship (7x), and Intercontinental Championship (5x). Additionally, he’s won King of the Ring (2001), the inaugural Money in the Bank (2005), and the Royal Rumble (2010 and 2021).

The WWE Hall of Famer Edge wrestled his last bout under WWE in Friday Night SmackDown’s main event against Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior, which took place in Edge’s hometown Toronto, Canada. During the match, the R-Rated superstar made several callbacks to his career.

The crowd erupted in the arena upon seeing the R Rated Superstar return which brought tears to the eyes of Beth Phoenix at ringside. In the match, Edge set up for the spear but was countered by the Celtic Warrior with a knee followed by a powerful Brogue Kick. After a near-fall, Edge was able to muster enough strength to hit Sheamus with consecutive spears and then pin him for a win.

However, even after having the taste of loss in such a great match, Sheamus sent a heartwarming message to his Hall of Famer opponent through a tweet.

“Of all the comrades that e’er I had They are sorry for my going away. But since it falls unto my lot That I should rise and you should not I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call Good night and joy be with you all”-wrote Sheamus.

WWE fans wish Sheamus to win another title

Fired-up WWE star Sheamus admits that he wants to win the Intercontinental title amid a blast at the company’s creative plans for him. The Celtic Warrior is one of the most accomplished and experienced stars on WWE’s stacked roster. He’s eyeing up the chance to become the first Irish Grand Slam Champion, having won all available titles except one in his long career.

A burning desire to win the Intercontinental gold seems a real driving force for that, the star revealing he’d love to retire with the championship. He had a golden opportunity to snare it away from current champ Gunther at Clash at the Castle last year, however, his loss against The Ring General devastated many.

Speaking at a start-of-season event for TNT Sports in the UK this week, the wrestler admitted he didn’t mind not getting the nod in that one – instead blasting the creative plans WWE had for him in the aftermath.

However, fans don’t seem to have had enough on the Irishman and want him to win further accolades before he retires:

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