Shocking footage reveals Lionel Messi getting pelted with bottle, leaves fans vexing

Lionel Messi wouldn’t have expected the love he’s been getting in the United States. After his two-year stint at PSG, where he was often made the scapegoat for the team’s Champions League failures, Messi has been a revelation in the MLS, and everyone seems to love the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

His contribution to the impressive run of form of Inter Miami cannot be underemphasized. Since joining in July, the Argentine has been the club’s top scorer and has the most assists for Inter Miami. As always, not all soccer fans think logically, and that was the case when Messi was pelted with a bottle after the match against LAFC.

Lionel Messi gets pelted following LAFC match

Inter Miami have the La Bateleur in their hands, and they are loving it. The David Beckham-owned club have benefitted from Messi’s greatness and have already won a trophy for the first time in their history when Messi led them to the Leagues Cup glory last month. The Argentine scored ten goals to help his new club win the Leagues Cup, and his form in the MLS has been nothing short of phenomenal.

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In the MLS encounter against LAFC, although the Argentine did not find the back of the net, he wowed the fans with his great performance. He provided two assists to help Inter Miami beat their opponents 3-1, with his first assist going to his former Barcelona teammate, Jordi Alba. While the stadium was filled with people who came to watch Messi perform, including LeBron James, Prince Harry, Selena Gomez, Brendan Hunt, and Tyga, a certain individual came with the sole aim of hurting the World Cup winner as threw a bottle at him.

Messi was walking down the dressing room after the match when a bottle was thrown at him, but, thankfully, it didn’t hit him. This has raised concerns over the Argentine’s safety, despite having a very committed bodyguard, whom David Beckham hired to protect the World Cup winner.

Fans fume over the outrageous act highlighting security needs

Yassine Chueko has been the man tasked with Messi’s safety, and so far, he has done a great job. However, the bottle-throwing incident following the match against LAFC is only a reminder that Messi needs more protection in the United States, especially in the stadiums.

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Fans were left fuming at the incident, as one pointed out on Twitter that whoever was responsible for throwing the bottle at the former Barcelona captain “should be banned.” Inter Miami will definitely look into this incident and see how their captain can be protected going forward.

Should Messi hire more bodyguards?


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