Skip Bayles skeptical about Damian Lillard’s mental resilience despite ex-Blazers star’s bold declaration

Damian Lillard’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks has caused a big stir in the NBA world since the trade was announced. Some analysts have already tipped the Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo partnership this coming season as one of the best duos expected.

In the midst of all this great optimism surrounding Lillard’s trade to the Bucks, an FSI analyst has openly criticized Dame’s mental toughness in handling the expectations surrounding this deal. This criticism will cause fans to kindly watch Damian’s performances with the Bucks when the season starts.

Bayless expresses uncertainty on Lillard’s impact

Damian Lillard being traded to the Milwaukee Bucks has led Kendrick Perkins to choose them as his top pick for the upcoming NBA title, but Skip Bayless isn’t as optimistic about Dame’s transition to Milwaukee. The FS1 analyst questioned Lillard’s ability to perform well in crucial moments during the most recent episode of Undisputed.

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Bayless said. “I still question his mental toughness, occasionally, and his clutch shooting,”. He also added “The Clippers shamed him in the bubble because they had no respect for his clutch shooting. Give me a break. Go look at the Olympics. Go look at what happened…. when Kevin saved him and took him off the hook for choking two late free throws in the gold medal game. Just go look at it,”. Though he made it so clear to Rachel Nichols that he is not a big fan of Lillard.

In November 2022, he made a total of 25 game-tying or game-winning shots in the final seconds of a game, more than any other player since he was drafted in 2012. Certainly, there might have been occasions when he missed important shots; that’s a part of the game and even the best players on Earth experience it.

However, one can still argue that he’s a clutch player. Lillard will provide Giannis Antetokounmpo with another potential scorer who can contribute over 30 points per game and be a reliable option when the game is on the line.

Lillard enthusiastic about pursuing NBA title alongside Giannis

Damian’s trade to the Milwaukee Bucks has turned out to be a big achievement for his camp. This trade presents Lillard with the best chance he has ever had to win the elusive championship. He has never been on a team with this much talent. It puts the Bucks in a strong position to be considered favorites for the title, and they can now make a case for having the NBA’s top duo.

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Lillard told B/R. “My whole life I’ve been on underdog teams and if we had a good season, we overachieved. Now I’ll be able to play with a player that’s better than me and to be a part of a great overall team is a dream come true,” Lillard also added, “That’s never been my experience. It’s time for me to be in this situation. And knowing myself enough, I’m going to take advantage of it. I’m excited for this opportunity.”

When they announced the trade, one of the first text messages Lillard got was from Antetokounmpo. It said, “Let’s win this championship.” That’s all Lillard ever dreamed of: to be on a championship-contending team, not on a team that is properly eyeing the rebuilding process.

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