Solo Sikoa pins AJ Styles in the main event of WWE SmackDown with help of Jimmy Uso

The Bloodline Saga has managed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats for nearly 3 years with their excellent storytelling and plenty of twists and turns each week, the most recent being Jey Uso attacking The Bloodline and seemingly quitting WWE. Now, his brother Jimmy Uso is teasing rejoining the villainous group.

Jimmy Uso was the first one to turn his back on his brothers when he attacked Roman Reigns at Night of Champions 2023 and cost him the Tag Team Championship. His brother, Jey, followed him out of the stable a few weeks later. At SummerSlam this year, Jey Uso took on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Just as it looked like he was going to win, Jimmy Uso shockingly interfered and cost his brother the match.

Solo Sikoa defeats AJ Styles

On Friday Night SmackDown last night, the Enforcer of the Judgment Day Solo Sikoa, took on The Phenomenal One AJ Styles in singles action. Solo Sikoa has a pretty good win-loss record when it comes to singles matches. He has been pinned very few times and claimed a victory over the leader of The O.C. last night in an unexpected manner.

Jimmy Uso was involved in a backstage brawl with AJ Styles earlier in the night. The context behind their brawl was that a frustrated Jimmy shouted at the O.C. leader, which resulted in their fight. However, Solo Sikoa interrupted the fight to take out Styles.

This resulted in their match in the main event of SmackDown last night. However, in an unexpected twist, Jimmy interfered in the match and ended up aiding Sikoa in picking up the victory. It looked like Jimmy was returning the favor to his cousin after he saved him from his fight against AJ Styles earlier in the night.

Jimmy Uso beats down AJ Styles on WWE SmackDown

After Jimmy Uso helped Solo Sikoa pick up the victory over AJ Styles in their match, The Enforcer turned to attack Jimmy with a Samoan Spike. However, Paul Heyman stopped Sikoa from hitting his brother. They walked out of the ring, leaving Jimmy with Styles in the ring. Jimmy then proceeded to beat down an already defeated AJ Styles and then raised his finger in the air with a “We the Ones” sign commonly used by The Bloodline members.

Although at the moment it’s unclear whether Jimmy wants to realign himself with the villainous stable, one thing is clear: WWE is slowly building toward a Jimmy vs. Jey Uso match. With his brother no longer by his side, Jimmy is left without any allies.

Although at the moment it might look like Jimmy may try to get back into the Bloodline, it is likely not the case. In fact, it would ruin the whole purpose of his betrayal. And it’s highly unlikely that Reigns would even accept Jimmy back into their group at this point.

We will have to wait and see just how this whole storyline plays out. It was earlier rumored that Jimmy would face his brother Jey in a singles match at Payback, with their father Rikishi being the referee of their match. But with Payback taking place this Saturday and Jey Uso still absent from WWE Television, it looks like their clash may take some time.

Stay tuned for further updates on The Bloodline.


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