“Sorry to inform you that your son is dead”: Matt Cassel reveals hilariously grim Bill Belichick story

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are two of the most common names associated with the past glory of the New England Patriots. Brady has retired and is unlikely to play again for the Patriots. Meanwhile, Belichick also ended his journey with the franchise months ago.

Brady, Belichick, and other notable figures associated with the Patriots are now sharing some of the notable moments in the documentary “The Dynasty ” on Apple TV+. A recent episode of the series shed light on a hilarious incident between Belichick and Matt Cassel, who once filled the void of Brady in the squad.

Matt Cassel reveals hilarious Bill Belichick criticism

Matt Cassel shared some amusing incidents about his time playing under Bill Belichick during a recent conversation with Tom E. Curran and Michael Holley. The revelations came from Cassel’s appearance on The Dynasty, where he discussed some unforgettable moments from his rookie season.

One particular story highlighted Belichick’s sharp wit and no-nonsense approach to coaching. Cassel recounted a moment where he failed to recognize a corner blitz, resulting in a punishing hit.

“One time, I don’t see a corner blitz, and I get absolutely annihilated, like boom! Belichick comes in and he says, ‘Cassel, can we figure out the corner blitz? Because I don’t want to have to write your mother a letter that says, ‘Dear Mrs. Cassel, we’re sorry to inform you that your son is dead because he’s a dumbass and didn’t see the corner blitz”‘, Cassel recounted.

The laughs didn’t end there. When Matt Cassel stepped into the starting role after Tom Brady’s injury in 2008, Bill Belichick unleashed his trademark deadpan humor. Following a narrow Week 1 win, the veteran coach addressed the team. He reminisced about past backup quarterbacks who led their teams to Super Bowl glory. He then turned to Cassel and declared, “If this is the new reality, Cassel, then you’re the man. Buckle up.”

Cassel led the Patriots to another win, prompting Belichick to present him with the game ball in a manner only he could pull off. “Cassel, I know you haven’t started a game since the f—— seventh grade. But you started one today,” Belichick hilariously quipped. The coach is usually tight-lipped, but he has another fan base for his witty remarks.

Matt Cassel’s 2008 season in absence of Tom Brady

The Patriots faced an unexpected challenge in 2008 when Tom Brady suffered a season-ending torn ACL in the opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The burden of replacing a future Hall of Famer fell on the shoulders of Matt Cassel.

Cassel stepped into the spotlight admirably and led the Patriots to a 3-1 record in the first four games without Brady. He amassed 707 passing yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions during this four-match stretch. The QB continued to showcase his skills throughout the season, finishing with 3,693 yards, 21 touchdowns, and only 11 interceptions.

Matt Cassel

Despite the quarterback’s stellar performance, the New England Patriots fell short of securing a playoff berth in the 2008 season. The Miami Dolphins, boasting a superior 8-4 conference record compared to the Patriots’ 7-5 mark, clinched the AFC East title.

This disappointment was compounded by the Baltimore Ravens snagging the final wild card spot with a stronger conference record. The 2008 season stands as the only instance between 2003 and 2019 where Tom Brady’s squad failed to capture the AFC East crown and missed the postseason altogether.


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