Steelers HC Mike Tomlin breaks his silence on Russell Wilson-Justin Fields battle for QB1

Last season wasn’t the best of experiences for the people in the Pittsburgh Steelers camp. Lackluster performances from the entire team and the administration going off the boil in crucial scenarios eventually led them to a finish much lower than anybody expected. However, head coach Mike Tomlin has pinned a lot of hope on the start of this new season.

Much of that hope is pinned on a new signing and one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Russell Wilson. With him in their ranks, the Steelers can dream of a higher finish and even a playoff appearance. However, the arrival of Russell Wilson might bring an end to the starting run of another quarterback.

Mike Tomlin speaks on Russell Wilson-Justin Fields QB1 battle

Anyone who has seen Russell Wilson deliver brilliant performances in his prime knows how much of a threat he can pose to opposition defenses. The Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin, is no different, as he waxed lyrical about the newest addition to his squad in the offseason.

When asked about the role of Wilson within the framework of the team that has been functioning well with Justin Fields as QB1, Tomlin indicated that the veteran QB will be in pole position to start the new season.

“We’re not resistant to competition, but as I’ve mentioned several times of late, I just think it’s appropriate to establish positioning. … and the term that I’ve used is Russell has pole position,” Tomlin said, according to The Denver Post. “And why do I use that term? Because during this time where we are not formally working, I just think it’s beneficial. His experience in the National Football League, his process has been honed and perfected.”

“Talking about over a 12-month calendar, it’s not only good for him, it’s good for teams, it’s good for receivers, tight ends, running backs, etc. All the things that people really committed to winning do this time of the year, Russell has those resources, that structure. And so that’s why I say he has pole position. It just creates a synergy that I think is good for this time of year. When it’s time to compete and we get in training camp-like settings and we’re going to stadiums and so forth, obviously Justin be given an opportunity to show people.”

What will likely to be Justin Fields’ Steelers role?

From the looks of things, Justin Fields would have to resort to being sidelined at the start of the new season. The arrival of an experienced player in the form of Russell Wilson, in tandem with his ability to conduct the entire offense, is just too big of a prospect to ignore for HC Tomlin.

That said, Fields will have a lot to learn under the tutelage of one of the best quarterbacks of this generation and hone his skills for a starting role later on in the season.

What are your thoughts on Russell Wilson taking the QB1 role from an in-form Justin Fields? Let us know in the comments.


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