Stephen A Smith goes off on Jerry Jones for picking Mike McCarthy over Bill Belichick: “I’m very disappointed”

Following his basketball career, Stephen A. Smith successfully transitioned into a prominent NFL analyst, earning recognition for his outspoken views. His reputation is well-known for his expertise in critiquing the Dallas Cowboys, as seen in his recent burst of laughter after the team’s wild-card loss.

The reputed sportscaster couldn’t help but poke fun at the Cowboys despite their season-ending disappointment in not making the Super Bowl. In his latest critique, he didn’t hold back, criticizing everyone involved, including the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, for their decision regarding the Cowboys’ HC spot.

Stephen A Smith slams Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Following the Cowboys’ decision to retain Mike McCarthy as head coach, Smith expressed his deep disappointment with team owner Jerry Jones. The sports analyst’s words reflected a sense of betrayal and frustration over what he perceived as a lack of transparency in the decision-making process.

Stephen A Smith is particularly concerned about Jones’ acknowledgment of his advancing age and suggests that the team would mess up by not hiring a winning head coach like Bill Belichick.

“I was incredibly disappointed with Jerry Jones electing to keep Mike McCarthy because I felt lied to. I felt the world was lied to. Jerry Jones keeps bringing up his own mortality and the fact that he believes he’s closer to the end.”

Not only Smith, but Michael Irvin also echoed his discontent with Jerry Jones’ decision, underscoring that the Cowboys overlooked critical details in reaching this outcome. Prior to both Irvin’s comments and Jones’ resolution, fans of the team swiftly expressed their dissatisfaction, predicting that retaining McCarthy would lead the team to a season marked by mediocrity.

What’s next for Bill Belichick?

Following his impressive 24-season tenure with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick is now attracting attention from various teams that are interested in his coaching expertise. According to reports, the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles initially showed some interest, but Belichick did not reciprocate, and both teams decided to keep their current coaches.

However, the Atlanta Falcons have emerged as a front-runner in the pursuit of a future Hall of Famer. Belichick engaged in an initial interview with the Falcons on Monday, and a subsequent meeting took place on Friday, per CBS News.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is still a candidate for head coach, despite the Falcons’ keen interest. The Falcons are considering conducting a second interview with Harbaugh in the coming week, which could potentially affect Belichick’s potential landing spot.

As the coaching saga unfolds, all eyes are on the veteran coach, who aspires to surpass Don Shula as the winningest head coach in NFL history. The upcoming days will undoubtedly shape the next chapter of Bill Belichick’s illustrious coaching career.

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