Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha recalls intense encounter with Secret Service over Knife Incident during Barack Obama meetup

Following many NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, the team’s iconic player, has met with President Barack Obama on multiple occasions. With his stellar career and jovial countenance, President Obama quickly became a fan of Steph’s. But four years ago, a peculiar occurrence involving the Secret Service left an indelible mark on Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry.

During Obama’s presidency, Stephen Curry won three championships and became close to the president. Ayesha Curry has experienced a lot of strange events in her life, but one involving the Secret Service stands out.

Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha once had a tense encounter with Secret Service

The Bay Area has a special place in its collective heart for Ayesha Curry, who is well-known for her charitable work and entrepreneurial successes. But in 2019, at her Michelin-starred restaurant ‘International Smoke’, she met Barack Obama in an experience that will live long in her memories.

In an episode of ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show’, Ayesha related the story. When asked about the day President Obama, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen dined at her restaurant, she admitted that it was a really nerve-wracking event. Instead of just hosting, Ayesha was invited to a meal with the president and gave a speech of welcome.

Ayesha decided to saber a bottle of champagne to brighten the mood. She held the knife within steps from President Obama, oblivious to the Secret Service’s approach. When she sabered the bottle, te tension in the room vanished, replaced by excitement and relief.

“He [President Obama] had dinner there. It was so nerve-wracking. Everything was down to the 11th hour. I thought we were just hosting, only to find out we were actually invited to the dinner and I also had to give a welcome speech?”, she said recalling the night President Obama dined at her restaurant.

“So the way I lightened the mood is by sabering bottles of champagne. I was like, well, just gonna do like usually do and had the knife standing 5 feet behind President Barack Obama and didn’t realize like the secret service is inching towards me”. She then hilariously revealed. “It happened. Everybody was excited and then everybody let out like a sigh of relief.” she said.

Is Stephen Curry friends with Barack Obama?

The Golden State Warriors’ most outstanding player, Stephen Curry, has never been shy about voicing his opinions on political matters or getting involved in political activities. When it comes to politics, he has made an impact in recent years as a vociferous champion.

As part of his political activities, Stephen Curry has become close friends with former President Barack Obama. They have been seen spending time together at restaurants and on the golf course. The ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ program is just one more way in which these two are close, and it’s one in which Curry has taken an active role.

During the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which took place online, Stephen Curry vocally supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Notably, he didn’t hold back when asked about Donald Trump’s performance in the first presidential debate of the year.

Stephen Curry is devoted to philanthropy and humanitarian problems outside of his political work. He has shown his commitment to helping those in need through the work of his organization, ‘Eat. Learn. Play’. The public’s admiration for Curry’s philanthropy and the esteem with which he is held by the general public have opened the door to speculation regarding a future for him in politics.

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