Taylor Lewan deems Titans firing of Mike Vrabel ‘a Mistake’ after shocked reaction unfolds live on-air

Among the consistent players in the NFL, Taylor Lewan was a notable name who spent his entire nine-year career with the Tennessee Titans. This season marked the first time that Lewan was not with the Titans following the team’s decision to waive him this offseason.

Amid Black Monday’s back-to-back firing of the Washington Commanders’ coach Ron Rivera and Atlanta Falcons’ coach Arthur Smith, the Titans stole the spotlight by firing their storied HC Mike Vrabel, leaving the former Titans’ player in awe.

Taylor Lewan sees the Titans firing Mike Vrabel live on air

Taylor Lewan, who claimed his viral retirement post was a joke, discovered the shocking news of Mike Vrabel’s firing from the Titans during a live interview on “The Rich Eisen Show” on Tuesday. The former Titans player’s initial friendly chat took an abrupt turn as he learned about Vrabel’s departure, reacting with disbelief, “Mike Vrabel is fired?”

The news of Vrabel’s firing came after six seasons with the Titans, as controlling owner Amy Adams decided to make a change following back-to-back losing seasons, per ESPN. At that time, Lewan was visibly taken aback as he sank into his chair, stating with astonishment, “That is nuts.”

Despite the team’s struggles in recent seasons, Lewan firmly believed that Vrabel was not the root of the problem. He shared insights from conversations with individuals inside the organization, emphasizing that the lack of talent on the team was a more significant issue.

“I knew there was some clamoring going on in the inside… it was very clear that (Vrabel) was not the problem. I didn’t think the finger you could truly point at was Vrabel.”

With Vrabel’s departure, the Titans finished the season with a 6-11 record, marking the end of an era for the head coach and leaving the team in a period of transition.

Taylor Lewan claims Titans firing of Mike Vrabel ‘a Mistake’

Despite the Titans team’s struggles in recent seasons, Lewan considers the move a “mistake” for the franchise and voiced his sentiments about the decision.

Expressing his deep connection to controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk and the Titans, his words reflect his belief that parting ways with Vrabel might lead to future challenges for the team.

“I love Amy (Adams Strunk), and I love that franchise, but I think they just made a mistake. I think they made a big mistake.” 

Vrabel’s tenure with the Titans, starting in 2018, saw notable successes, including four consecutive winning seasons. Under his guidance, the team secured back-to-back AFC South championships in 2020 and 2021. The pinnacle of their achievements came in 2021, when they earned the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

However, the team’s performance took a downturn in subsequent seasons, with multiple games ending below a .500 record. Despite these challenges, Vrabel’s impact on the franchise was significant, making the decision to let him go a surprising and controversial one.

What’s your opinion on the Titans team’s decision to fire their head coach?

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