Taylor Swift supports Travis Kelce at Jets-Chiefs game, comparing NFL Journalists to Music Paparazzi with three words

After weeks of speculation and numerous rumors doing the rounds on social media, the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance seems to have taken off. This was confirmed by her presence inside the Arrowhead Stadium last week when the Chiefs faced off against the Bears.

To add more fuel to the fire, Taylor Swift was also spotted at the MetLife Stadium on Sunday night with her group of A-listers to show support for Travis Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the New York Jets. There’s definitely something brewing between the two, and fans are all for it!

Taylor Swift in the building to support Travis Kelce at Jets-Chiefs game

The “Love Story” singer was seen entering the MetLife Stadium along with other stars like Blake Lively and husband Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Sophie Turner, among others. Later during the game, the 33-year-old cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs as they rolled on to a 20-23 win against the Jets.

After the game, Patrick Mahomes was seen waving at Taylor Swift with Kelce by his side, smiling. It seems like the pop sensation is already a favorite inside the Chiefs locker room. Swift’s interest in Kelce has also profited the Chiefs’ coffers, with Kelce’s shirt sales reportedly having a near 400% spike in recent days.

Earlier, the couple was also spotted leaving the Arrowhead together. Reportedly, Travis Kelce also booked out an entire restaurant in Kansas to have dinner with Taylor Swift and his extended family. Looks like Kelce “threw the ball in her court” and she grabbed it with both hands.

Taylor Swift compares NFL Journalists to Music Paparazzi with three words

When you’re as big as Taylor Swift, you get used to being surrounded by paparazzi everywhere you go. However, that wasn’t the case after the game ended on Sunday night as Taylor found herself relatively alone at the exit of the MetLife Stadium.

She was even recorded saying “It’s so quiet” to one of her mates, comparing the post-game scenes at the NFL to the scenes after one of her concerts.

Netizens were quick to jump on the reaction bandwagon though, one user quipped, “Sports journalists are the loudest people I know, this can’t be right”, while another said, “this is very different than what she’s used to hearing in terms of paparazzi.”

It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift wasn’t the only star inside the MetLife on Sunday, which might be the reason why she didn’t receive the paparazzi attention she is generally used to. However, she seemed to be very pleased about the situation, discussing the game with her friends.


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