Tennis coach sheds light on Novak Djokovic’s goal for redemption at US Open 2023 amid tough challenge

Novak Djokovic, already a record 23-time Grand Slam singles title winner, has expressed his desire to win as many Grand Slams as he can before he decides to hang up his racket. The Serbian tennis icon with his experience of previously winning three US Open, has aimed for redemption in the upcoming US OPEN following his most recent defeat in the Wimbledon 2023 finals against Carlos Alcaraz.

Tennis enthusiasts have been questioning the end of the Serbinator’s dominance since his defeat at the hands of the young Spaniard. However, Novak fans all over the world have been showering their support and defending their favorite man. Amid all the ambiguity regarding the future of the tennis maestro, his Goran Ivanisevic shares the inside scoop.

Coach Ivanisevic reveals Djokovic’s preparation

Goran, who has been with Novak since 2019 , knows both the strength and weakness of the Serbian star. While appearing in an interview , the highly experienced tennis mind has shared insights regarding Novak’s preparation for the upcoming US and Cincinnati Open. The former Wimbledon winner expressed his optimism for a grand comeback of The Joker.

“He had a bit of a break, but now the preparations for the US tour are starting. Preparations begin at the end of the week, he’s slowly starting with the fitness, and then the tennis. I don’t know exactly, the week after, mid-next month, he will leave for Cincinnati.” Goran said.

If there is one person in the world other than Djoker , is it is none other than Goran who has complete faith and confidence in Novak’s capability to make a comeback and triumphant return in the court. The Croatian tennis mastermind thinks Novak is highly motivated as he always was before a Grand Slam even though this time the situation is different.

“He is always motivated, a Grand Slam is a Grand Slam. It will be a big fight again. It is good that at Wimbledon, but also before in Paris, a rivalry was created between two players who are 16 years apart. Each of their next matches will be even better, crazier, and more watched,” he added giving tennis fans the affirmation that the reigning supreme is not backing down any time soon.” Goran added.

Novak wanted nothing more than a family holiday after losing the Wimbledon final. Djokovic is undoubtedly more refreshed—both physically and mentally—after taking a vacation from the Toronto Open. To bounce back up in preparation with Goran for the upcoming hardcourt US Open, the 36-year-old is going to be participating in the Cincinnati Open.

Novak Djokovic’s last three failures in US Open

Amongst his 23 Slams, only 3 are in the US Open. Even though the 2011,2015 and 2018 US Open winner definitely has the potential to easily come to the finals of this hardcourt major title tournament, the past couple of years haven’t been great for the US Open- Novak Djokovic combo. In 2020, the Djoker was disqualified in the fourth round for accidentally hitting the ball that wasn’t in play, right at the line umpire. This issue created great controversies amongst the tennis community.

The next year, Nole was predicted to procure the Calendar Slam. He lifted the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open in 2021 but the young Russian Daniil Medvedev blocked his way in the US Open. Medvedev played exceptional tennis that tournament and picked up his first Grand Slam making the Serbinator, the runner-up.

Following yet another loss, the next year Novak Djokovic was not even allowed to step into the state. Due to the covid pandemic, the travel regulations and vaccination policies were extremely strict. He announced that he did not want to get the vaccination and chose to give up titles and tournaments. Therefore, he did not participate in the 2022 US Open.


This year, he is back stronger than ever and is still hell-bent on claiming his 24th Slam. Do you think another US Open glory is waiting for Novak ? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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