Teofimo Lopez reveals condition to break retirement with 3 words

One month ago, Teofimo Lopez shocked the boxing world by handing Josh Taylor his first defeat and surprisingly announcing his retirement after the victory. Many believe that Teofimo announced his retirement because of mental and personal life issues.

However, amidst the unexpected decision, Lopez left the door open for a potential comeback, laying out specific terms and conditions that must be met. This revelation has reignited excitement among his fans, who are now eagerly anticipating the possibility of a highly anticipated matchup between Lopez and Devin Haney.

Teofimo Lopez discloses terms of return

During his appearance on “The Porter Way Podcast,” Lopez disclosed the reasoning behind his retirement and his conditions for a potential comeback. The Brooklyn native stated that only a ‘9 figure deal,’ meaning an offer in the hundreds of millions, would be enough to entice him back into the boxing ring.

“The only way you get Teofimo back(from retirement) is a 9 figure contract deal because I’ve made ESPN over 100 million dollars” Teofimo said.

Lopez firmly believes that his contributions to the sport warrant such a substantial amount for a fight, and it is only under these circumstances that he would reconsider his decision to retire.

Lopez announced shocking retirement following Josh Taylor bout

In his most recent fight, which put the WBO World Super-Lightweight Title on the line, Josh Taylor was unable to defend his 140-pound title against Teofimo Lopez at Madison Square Garden. The American boxer emerged victorious in the 12-round match, securing a majority decision.

However, to the astonishment of many, ‘The Takeover’ took to Instagram to announce his unexpected retirement following the bout.

“I’m not here to do deals with the devil. What a relief! Retired at the Top. Thank you, Boxing for the amazing life you’ve provided for myself and my entire loved ones! ” Teofimo said.

Despite his retirement announcement, the 25-year-old light welterweight boxer clarified that he is not retiring for good and has numerous other plans in mind. Lopez made it explicit that the only circumstance that could entice him to return to the ring is the possibility of a nine-figure contract deal, which is still a viable option.

“I have a lot of things in mind for the sport of boxing. And I really can’t do that if I’m always in the gym training and preparing for another upcoming fight or bout. So I’m really just focusing on that task right now.” Lopez added.

“The Takeover,” strongly believes that his contributions to ESPN have played a significant role in generating over a hundred million dollars for the network. Due to this belief, Lopez contends that he should be compensated with at least a million dollars for each fight he participates in.

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