Terry Stotts’ surprising exit from Bucks four months after joining as assistant coach shocked Damian Lillard

Terry Stotts, who spent nearly a decade coaching the Portland Trail Blazers, joined the Milwaukee Bucks coaching staff in June, seeking fresh challenges and opportunities. However, just four months after his arrival, he made a surprising announcement that sent shockwaves throughout the league. The unexpected decision left Damian Lillard and his fellow Milwaukee Bucks players in a state of shock.

As the reasons behind Stotts’ resignation begin to surface, Damian Lillard offers his perspective on the situation.

Damian Lillard shocked by Terry Stotts’ surprising exit

Damian Lillard, the star point guard of the Milwaukee Bucks who recently made a move from the Portland Blazers, expressed his shock and disappointment after learning about the surprising departure of his long-time coach, Terry Stotts. Speaking to reporters, Lillard admitted that he, along with the rest of the team, was blindsided by the sudden news.

“It came out of nowhere,” he said. However, Lillard acknowledged that he has been in the league long enough to understand that such changes are a part of the business. “Everything continues, so you’ve got to kind of process things like this and other things that may come up and continue to move forward,” he added.

Stotts served as Lillard’s head coach for an impressive nine seasons, fostering a strong bond both on and off the court. Lillard acknowledges that having Stotts alongside him has eased his transition to the Bucks, expressing gratitude for the familiar face. ” To see him go is unfortunate… But like I said, everything is still moving forward,” Lillard concludes.

As the team adapts to this unexpected change, Lillard remains determined to embrace the future and continue striving for success, even in the absence of his trusted mentor.

What made Terry Stotts leave the Bucks?

According to reliable sources, there was no publicized drama surrounding Stotts’ exit. However, an incident involving Stotts, Damon Lillard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo may have played a significant role in his decision to leave.

Witnesses reveal that after a huddle, Stotts, instead of joining the coaches’ huddle, walked toward the players to initiate a conversation. Head coach, Griffin, insisted that Stotts join the coaching huddle, creating an uncomfortable moment in front of the entire team. The incident seemed to have added to Stotts’ growing frustrations.

After years of thriving as a head coach, transitioning to an assistant role proved undeniably challenging for him. Sources close to Stotts also suggest he nurtured feelings of undervaluation and a thirst for more respect.

As the pieces of the puzzle coalesce, it becomes apparent that the Griffin incident merely marked the tipping point for Stotts. Clearly, behind the scenes, deeper issues were at play, rendering his decision to depart the Bucks understandable, if somewhat regrettable for both parties involved.

Terry Stotts and Damian Lillard
Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As the Bucks regroup and navigate this unforeseen setback, the hope is that they can quickly find stability and continue their pursuit of success in the upcoming season. The shockwaves caused by Terry Stotts’ exit will take time to settle, but the team remains determined to press on and remain focused on their ultimate goal: bringing a championship to Milwaukee.

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