“The Blind Side” inspiring real-life story ends on sour note after Michael Oher conservatorship agreement with Tuohys gets terminated

In an unexpected twist to the heartwarming story that captivated audiences worldwide, the conservatorship agreement between former NFL player Michael Oher and the Tuohy family, whose journey inspired the film “The Blind Side,” has been terminated.

This startling development comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by Oher against the Tuohys, alleging that he had received no compensation for the use of his life story in the blockbuster movie. The termination of the conservatorship marks a somber chapter in the remarkable story that once inspired millions.

Oher’s conservatorship agreement with Tuohys terminated

Michael Oher, a young man who emerged from a life of poverty and hardship to become a successful football player in the NFL, was originally taken under the wing of the Tuohy family, who provided him with the love, support, and opportunities he needed to succeed.

However, recent legal proceedings in Tennessee have shed light on a darker side to this inspiring narrative. Oher’s lawsuit alleges that the Tuohys profited substantially from the film adaptation of “The Blind Side,” while he received no financial compensation. It appears that the story that touched so many hearts may not have been as altruistic in its portrayal as previously perceived.

A conservatorship typically involves the removal of decision-making power from an individual, a step often taken in cases of medical conditions or disabilities. However, what makes Michael Oher’s situation particularly perplexing is that the conservatorship was approved even though he was over 18 years old and had no diagnosed physical or psychological disabilities, as stated in his petition.

Gomes, who has had a 43-year career in the field, expressed her deep concern about the approval of such an agreement. She went on to mention that, throughout her extensive career, she had never encountered a conservatorship arrangement with someone who did not have a disability. According to her perspective, this conservatorship should have come to an end long ago.

Tuohys claimed to evenly distribute proceeds from $305,705,794 grossing movie

The Tuohys have dismissed the allegations that they profited from his ordeal to his detriment as ludicrous and entirely baseless, characterizing those as a “shakedown” attempt by Oher.

Agents successfully negotiated a modest upfront payment for the Tuohys from the production company behind “The Blind Side,” a film adapted from a book authored by Michael Lewis, who was a friend of Sean Tuohy. The legal team representing the couple has clarified that this compensation included “a very small percentage of the film’s profits”, which was evenly distributed among a group that encompassed Michael Oher.

The lawyers have estimated that both the Tuohys and Oher received approximately $100,000 each from this arrangement. Additionally, they emphasized that the Tuohys took care of the tax obligations on Oher’s share of the earnings.

In their legal submission, the Tuohys stated that they never entered into any professional football contracts on behalf of Oher and highlighted that he expressed contentment with the financial terms arising from his involvement in “The Blind Side”.


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